Obama has visited many mosques, but not one synagogue since taking office….

Hussein Obama and Michelle walk with Grand Imam Ali Mustafa Yaqub during their visit at Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010.

(CNSNews.com) – President and Mrs. Obama visited a controversial mosque in Indonesia on Wednesday, but there is no indication the president has visited a synagogue anywhere since becoming president, according to a review of the White House Web site and news reports.

When directly asked by telephone and email whether the president had ever visited a synagogue since taking office, the White House press office did not respond. (CNS News)


Ahmadinejad: The Entire World Powers Combined Won’t Dare to Threaten Iran (Gateway)

Al Qaeda, Al Schmaeda:

Osama bin Laden has appointed a new commander to spearhead al-Qaeda’s offensive of operations against the West.

Known to western intelligence services by the alias Saif al-Adel, or “Sword of the Just”, al-Qaeda’s new chief of international operations is believed to have conceived of the wave of strikes that set off terror alerts across Europe recently, as well as last week’s mid-air parcel-bomb plot.   (Source)

Sources: Al Qaeda eyes more Mumbai-style attacks

Nic Robertson/CNN

Hamburg, Germany (CNN) — Al Qaeda is still planning Mumbai-style attacks in Europe, with the United States also possibly being targeted, counter-terrorism officials in Europe and the United States tell CNN.

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  1. Orianna Falachi was, for most of her life, an atheist. In one of her visits to Italy she realised that everything she was , was because of the heritage embodied in Christianity, and the Catholic church in particular. As she sat in the some of the glorious basilicas in Italy, contemplating on the frescoes and paintings, she felt comfortable, and came to know that she was in her spiritual home.

    For Obama it is no different. He is comfortable in a mosque as that is his spiritual home. Whether he is a Muslim or not, or even if he is an atheist, does not change that.

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