Muslim Marriage

Winston Churchill:

“A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

The Muslim marriage contract is usually done between the father of the bride and the groom. In exchange for money, (dowry) the father asks the  future husband  “do you agree to the fucking (sic) of my daughter?” and when the man agrees, the deal is done.

Pessimists would call this legalized prostitution. There is no sanctity or holiness in Muslim marriage. In Islam, through marriage, a man takes the rightful ownership of the ‘meat’ of a woman’s body. Unlike Hinduism and Christianity, marriage is not a binding union in Islam. Here, the idea of association, partnership, or companionship between the married couple is completely absent. The Koran does not view divorce or separation as a tragic option but a golden opportunity for man. In Islam, the women have no mind, only the ‘meat’ of her body is ‘halal’ for man to enjoy. As per Shahih Bukhari 7.62.173, Wife must shave her pubic hair if husband returns home at night after a long journey.

“The theological word for marriage in Islam is not a word that people say in polite company.”  The word for marriage in Islam is nikaah. The Arabic root-word نكح (nakah) is, to put it mildly, an impolite word for sexual intercourse. But نكاح (nikaah) is, of course, used in Qur’anic Arabic to refer to marriage or the marriage contract. While Muslims use the word in normal conversation without any sense that it is a word that should not be said, Arabic-speaking Christians generally blush to hear the word, and especially verbal conjugations of it, and don’t say it in polite company.   (Source)

Muhammad lowered the status of married women to the lowest level of sex-slavery and prostitution. He allowed sexual appetite so many outlets within the Islamic law that the prostitutes became jobless. The shocking truth is that Muhammad viewed women as domestic animals. In his farewell sermon Muhammad equated women to cattle.

The Arabic word refers to the genitals of a woman’s body, in a simple and straightforward word, which is called the ‘vagina’. It means, the entire body of a Muslim woman is a huge vagina and nothing else (Warraq, 2005. p. 316). How many Urdu speaking Asian Muslims know this fact that for referring their mothers, sisters and daughters, they use a word which actually degrades their women folks?

Nikah’ (Muslim marriage, النكاح) is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is penetration (Kaleeby, 2002; Warraq, 2005). It can be pronounced as ‘Nokh’, which again means the ‘awrah’, the giant vagina, i.e, the entire body of a Muslim woman. When the word ‘Nikah’ is used to mean marriage, the actual meaning is not marriage but literally ‘sexual penetration’. Ignorant Muslims often use these words, without knowing their actual meaning and degrade their woman folks to the level of sex-slaves and cheap highway prostitutes.

Kasem (n. d) concluded that the method of securing such sexual / physical pleasure is very similar to a commercial / business transaction. In plain language, this is called prostitution. In all cases of marriage and sex, the women are treated merely as sex-objects, much like the provider of a service for which she must be paid some compensation.

The compensation (dower) for sexual service of the wife is known as ‘mahr’, which all Muslim men must agree to pay before marriage. It can be immediate or deferred to a future date. No Islamic marriage is valid without the payment of ‘mahr’. Sometimes, Muslim women take keen pride in the sums paid for them as ‘mahr’ without knowing the actual purpose of it. In reality, however, ‘mahr’ is nothing but the payment to purchase a female body for sexual enjoyment. This degradation is sanctioned by Allah in ‘Sha’ria’ (the divine law of Allah). So when a Muslim marries off his sister or daughter to another Muslim family, he actually auctions his sister’s or daughter’s soft and warm vagina for a quick financial profit. If the ‘mahr’ is not sufficient, then as per ‘Sha’ria’ Law, the marriage can be cancelled. Often the wife does not get to use the ‘mahr’ for herself. This money is used to furnish the house of the newly married couple or her father grabs the entire amount (Warraq, 2005, p. 311). In an Islamic marriage, there is hardly a trace of romantic love. One rarely finds love poetry in their marriage songs.

Kasem (n. d) furthermore lamented taking reference from an authentic ‘Sha’ria’ Law book, that the husband’s rights include but not limited to ‘…ownership of a woman’s body to do as he likes including beating… a husband possesses full right to enjoy his wife’s person (from top of her head to the bottom of her feet!) in what does not physically harm her… he is entitled to take her with him when he travels.’ (As always, there’s a lot more. You can read it here) As for equality, (often touted by ignorant Islamic females)  there is no such thing: one Hadith (cited Azad, 1995. p. 166), says “even if the husband is a leper and the wife cleans the pus of his wounds with her tongue and swallows the pus, still she is not equal to her husband”

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  1. Interesting, the vulgar french expression Nique ta Mere obviously derives from the charmless arabic word.

  2. Actually, prostitution has not died out in Islamic countries. In particular Turkey of which I have seen it first hand. There is nothing like variety it seems. Russian women are usually the prostitutes but not exclusively. Rumania and Albania also contribute their women. It is because of these countries failure to give their women a living wage. Many of these Russian ladies which I became friendly with over my four years in Turkey were just ordinary young women with a common problem, no home and no money. Often they live with a Turk, but he sends them out on the streets to earn her keep. It is a heartbreaking situation. They are bashed and bullied but have nowhere to go and no money to go back home even if there was a home to go back to.

    I know from other friends who have taught in Islamic countries of the double standards there and the most sickening is the use of little boys and girls. When these children became sick and diseased they are shot out onto the street to cry in silence and die alone. They never see their families or countries ever again.
    But having said all of this, Turkish girls from the poorer country side are often defiled at home by brothers and fathers, then kicked out for “Her” sins, and so with no education she uses her body to support herself until she is murdered or dies. Bodies of these women are never found. It is not only Turkish girls either, foreigners on holiday have disappeared, never to be found again according to a friend of mine in the Australian Consulate in Ankara. Because these Islamic countries are secret societies and we can never really penetrate these societies, there are no figures to show us to know about how many Western women end up in the clutches of these evil people. They are many.

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  4. Hey people, Islam tells us the ways to be safe, and have our attention to not do errors that lead us to biological effects and long-term effects. Islam is not a group of terrorists people, some people are calling themselves Islamic people……………..The reason we dont fuck ass hole is due to the long term effects as Islam and God messenger “Mohammad” tells us.

  5. Dubai’s Grand Mufti calls for curb in marriage to foreigners


    The Grand Mufti of Dubai is calling for a curb in marriages between locals and foreigners as the price of marrying native brides has soared to more than £300,000.

    The number of Emiratis marrying foreigners has risen by 10 per cent in the last four years, according to recent figures.

    Officials and religious leaders blame the rising costs of dowries and extravagant wedding ceremonies and parties for encouraging “ordinary” local men to seek foreign wives, who cost less to marry.

    Dr Ahmad al-Haddad, Dubai’s Grand Mufti, the country’s most senior Islamic scholar, wants to restrict foreign marriages to allow only Muslim, Arab spouses, and a maximum age difference of 25 years. For men, it would have to be his first and only wife.

    “In Islam, choosing your life partner is a personal freedom,” the Grand Mufti said at a gathering in honour of the holy month of Ramadan. “But personal freedoms can be restricted for the benefit of the public interest.”

    His proposals are unlikely to be welcomed, while he may have difficulty persuading Dubai’s ruler to approve his suggestion. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum took a Jordanian princess as his second wife, and would have fallen foul of the new rules.

  6. EGYPT: “When the time comes, I marry her off, even as young as 11″

    The official minimum age for marriage in Egypt is 18, but these Muslims ignore it. “If a girl turns 16 and isn’t married yet, she is considered an old maid.”


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