Obama, in his own words….

Manchurian Moonbat Denounces America, Praises Other Countries

Comrade Obama obviously loathes America, but don’t accuse him of being a negative guy. Aside from our closest allies (e.g., Britain, Israel), he loves everybody else: (thanks to Moonbattery)

Other than psychiatric illness, what the hell would make anyone want this jackass to be President of the United States?


Bill Maher must be right then. If American’s weren’t dumber than dogs they would have never voted for this POS. Right?

“Decency Czar Needed”

Why? To uphold Obamunist standards, of course:

5 thoughts on “Obama, in his own words….”

  1. Poor Americans you still have to tolerate this president.
    His speech is shocking, he doesn’t sound American at all

  2. Just two more years of this moron and he becomes unemployed. This guy is nothing more than a “Bait & Switch” practitioneer.

  3. This guy sounds like Hitler did when he wanted to change Germany. Listen to him in this video!!! He wants to change everything that our fore-fathers created. Get rid of this terrorist traiter and his followers, in whatever way we can, and take our Country back!!!!

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