Obamessiah Meltdown Watch

Marxist Utopia becomes undone:

Queen Michelle: “We’re Trying to Restore Destroy  The American Dream, The Same Vision Hussein Fought For as a Communist Organizer”… (ZIP)

The clock is ticking:

Michelle Obama Says: ‘We Don’t Have Much Time’…

(Politico) — “We don’t have much time,” Michelle Obama declared to voters on Monday, urging them to get out the vote as her husband stayed at the White House and worked the phones the day before the midterms.  (ZIP)

Heartbreak on Tingles Ridge:

Tingles on Why Obama’s Been a Failure: He’s an “Elitist,” Chicago-Style Politics, “That Damn Teleprompter”… (ZIP)

A Dude with ‘a heck of a problem’

George W. Bush used to joke that people “misunderestimated” him. Barack Obama lacks that ability to laugh at himself, which is a sign of what is probably his greatest personal failure – an arrogant refusal to take advice.

Obama supporter Kathleen Parker is confronted with the evidence during Obama’s interview with Jon Stewart last week:  “Are we the people we were waiting for…?”

Obama’s heck of a problem (Andrew Bolt)

Reality bites:

(The Hill) A plurality of Americans — almost two in five — say they view President Obama as most likely to last only a single term, a new poll found Monday.

Socialism Isn’t Cool (Dr Bulldog & Ronin)