Oklahoma Lawsuit: "can't we just have a tiny bit of sharia?'

Preempting sharia gives the soldiers of Allah and their useful idiots hissy fits:

Ban of Islamic Law in Oklahoma Renders a Quick Lawsuit

Opponents of the law see gaping constitutional problems with it. A lawsuit was filed Thursday in Oklahoma City federal court challenging the legality of the measure. Click here for the complaint, filed by the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); here for the news release on CAIR’s plans.

The plaintiff, CAIR executive director Muneer Awad, said the law violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adding that it targets a particular religion. “Disfavoring Islam, or any religion, is a violation of the First Amendment,” Awad said. “Second, it renders all international treaties invalid in our courts.” (Wall Street Journal)

In wake of Oklahoma anti-Sharia vote, Muslims having a hard time getting their story straight

Asma Uddin argues here that the idea of Sharia coming to Oklahoma is absurd on its face, and so no anti-Sharia law is needed. But if that is true, then why is Hamas-linked CAIR bothering to go to the trouble and expense of suing to block the law? After all, a law against a non-existent threat may be silly, but if there is no need for the law in the first place, there is no need to sue to overturn it.

Also, note that Uddin speaks as if Oklahoma had outlawed Sharia as a matter of voluntary private arbitration. That is actually off the point, since the use of Sharia provisions in private arbitration doesn’t constitute the use of a law other than American law to legislate for Americans, which is what the Oklahoma anti-Sharia measure is all about.

“Caliphate on the Range? The Shariah Precedent in American Courts,” by Asma Uddin in the Huffington Post, November 6, via JW:

In wake of anti-Sharia vote, Muslims in Oklahoma claim victim status

“The bottom line: Muslims increasingly feel unwelcome, unwanted and viewed by their neighbors as un-American.” Well, there would be one easy way to take care of that problem: support the anti-Sharia initiative. They say that it’s fantastical that anyone would think that they have any plans to impose Sharia anyway, so why not declare open and wholehearted allegiance to the principles of the U.S. Constitution that are in contradiction to Sharia, such as the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights of all people before the law — instead of yet again claiming victim status?

“Oklahoma Muslims Unsure of Status After Shariah Referendum,” by Omar Sacibey for Religion News Service, November 4, via JW

Dumbles comments:

The Muslim reaction indicates that sharia is Islam and Islam is sharia.

“There are an estimated 30,000 Muslims in Oklahoma, which has 3.7 million residents.
“They describe themselves as well-educated, prosperous and attracted to Oklahoma’s **friendliness, slow pace of life and safety** {my emphasis – dda}.”

‘attracted to Oklahoma’s friendliness, slow pace of life, and safety’.

IN other words: the Muslims who went to Oklahoma did so because they thought Oklahoma would be a pushover. They mistook civility for weakness and cowardice and gullibility.

They thought wrong.

11 thoughts on “Oklahoma Lawsuit: "can't we just have a tiny bit of sharia?'”

  1. What part of “obeying the law of the land” does c.a.i.r. not understand? Or is that even a legitimate question at this juncture?

  2. Muslims should face it & remember that they live in America & not in Islamic state or S.Arabia.
    America’s law is for all citizens no sharia law,
    Stand up Americans before it’s too late & remind them all that you are not an Islamic country

  3. What if a referendum passed that singled out Christian theology as something that the courts may not consider in their decisions?

    Think about it. It’s not that anyone is clamoring for religious law in Oklahoma–it’s that singling out a specific religion this way is officially denigrating it. And any government officials here in the United States must remain neutral when it comes to these matters, at least in their official capacity (personal beliefs and practices are up to individuals).

    We are already protected from the specter of sharia (or any other) religious law by a great American tradition and constitutional requirement: the separation of church and state!

    Let’s embrace that and be done with it. No need to pick on any one religious group, even if we think they deserve it.

  4. Let’s look at this claim:

    “if there is no need for the law in the first place, there is no need to sue to overturn it.”

    What if the proposed law forbids Jews from kidnapping unbaptized babies to use their blood in their religious rituals? Obviously there’s no need for such a law, but if it were passed in a referendum to add this line to a state constitution, would there really–REALLY?–be no need to sue to prevent such bigotry from being certified?

  5. good on Oklahoma!! maybe their people read about Great Britain making a rod for its own back when it allowed 85 Sharia Courts to infest their land.

  6. The American constitution is founded on The Bible. I know some people find this hard to understand because of backwardness in their upbringing. Sharia law is part of a barbaric culture and has its own place in the Arab world. The same muslim countries which practice sharia law will not even allow the thought of western law to be entertained for the simple reason that the eyes of their people will open to reality. Every western country should openly reject this primitive way of life and return these people to their native habitats.

  7. Just think what you are voting FOR with Sharia , hand chopping, Gay hanging, adulterers stoning, women as possessions and SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP. But then PC left wing moonbats dont THINK do they? They just believe what Taqqiya spouting Mohammedans tell them and refuse to look at any evidence to the contrary.

  8. The American constitution is no more founded on the Bible than it is on the Koran. Of course we should reject Islamic religious law the same way we rejected Christian religious law when our secular constitution was ratified in 1787!

    Compare the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments) to the backwards Ten Commandments of the Bible. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are not based on the Bible, which–if you open one up and read it–forbids certain speech that the First Amendment protects as an inalienable human right. The Bible includes penalties for worshiping “other” or “foreign” gods; the constitution guarantees our freedom to worship or refrain from worshiping whatever gods we may or may not happen to believe in. Saying the constitution is based on the Bible is grossly ignorant of our American history.

    Where is there trial by jury guaranteed in the Bible? Nowhere. Now look at the constitution. Where did that come from? Not Christianity! How about a prohibition against self-incrimination? The Bible? Nope. The constitution, yes. Does the Bible forbid cruel and unusual punishments? Hardly. Death is prescribed for a multitude of offenses, from cursing at one’s parents to picking up sticks on the wrong day of the week. Worship the wrong god? The Bible says: DEATH! The constitution says there shall be no religious test for public office and (as amended) that the government can make no laws respecting the establishment of religion–ANY religion.

    Let’s face it. Christianity had to grow up. Some may say it still has a lot of growing up to do yet, but at least it has become a little better with time. The same can be said of Islam. All religious faith is based on make believe, wishful thinking, ignorance and fear.

    The American answer to religious fights? Keep them out of government. No laws shall be based on the Koran, just as no laws are based on the Bible. It’s that simple.

  9. @aussiegirl: Great Britain did not and does not have the separation of church and state. The United States of America does.

    That’s what we need to focus on. It is the great American tradition of keeping religion and government from becoming entangled together that will ultimately protect us from the insanity and stupidity of Sharia Law.

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