Quran 8:59: “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us…

Quran 8:59: “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

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Running from France:

French singer moves to Miami for the upbringing of his children

If the soldiers of allah don’t get you, your own people will:

“I didn’t want my son to come home from school one day speaking Arabic”

Attacked by black council CRAN for being “racist”

Very successful artist Florent Pagny is happy that his older son is doing well in Miami school, feeling it was a good choice for the son’s personal development, as in France being rather shy he felt uncomfortable knowing the other children seeing him as the son of the famous artist.

Pagny was interviewed on French radio Chérie FM, where he explained that he moved to Miami, and now he’s attacked from all angles, being compared to “extreme right” National Front (FN) leader Le Pen by the organization CRAN (council of black organisations , http://lecran.org/), “very shocked” by his scandalous expressions. SOS Racisme also has condemned his explanation about Miami for his family.

A rap artist is spitting in his face calling him all sorts of names, on video.

All for making the best choice for his children.

Who’s business is it anyway, where you decide to live and what school you choose for your children, and your own arguments for it?

The time has come for more power to The Ministry of Truth. What happened to Voltaire, and freedom of expression?



– List of school fires and attempted fires over last few years

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  1. When a socialist leader
    is not enrolling her son
    in a school, after all

    – Why is that..? Wrong neighborhood…

    Socialist leader Ségolène Royal won’t put her son into the art school, after all. This was in 2007. At first she did, thinking it would be located in the center of Paris, but after she understood it would be located in the Arab/African part of the city (20 arrondissement), it was definitely out of the question.

    Royal ran for presidency opposite Sarkozy i 2007.

    The manager of the school, Cours Florent, François Florent, remembers that Saturday afternoon, when a car with chauffeur stopped in front of the premises, and a mother with her child stepped out of it, asking to enroll him for the preparing cycle:

    “The first years are taking place at Quai d’Anjou, right?” (4 arrondissement)

    “No, Madame, we don’t have Quai d’Anjou any longer. It will be here…
    “Well, then I can’t enroll my son.”

    So the presidential candidate turned on her heels, and together with her son drove into the sunset.

    – All animals are equal
    But some animals are
    more equal than others
    (George Orwell)

    – Photo: “For a strong change”


  2. Brigitte Bardot’s
    “No to ritual slaughter!”
    posters stopped by ARPP

    Brigitte Bardot has been fighting against cruelty towards animals all her life. Now, protesting against ritual slaughter, the posters in question are considered to have the intention to “make fun of and shock” the followers of these rituals, and her two publicity posters were stopped on November 08.

    One of the posters, showing little child, reads
    “Laura doesn’t know
    if she is having
    Halal, or Kosher
    But she has no choice”
    “Let’s stop this Butchery!”

    “You can put up “Proudly Halal” on every French wall, but you’re not allowed to inform the consumer about what ritual slaughter really is without submitting to sensorship”
    Brigitte Bardot

    ARPP Authority for publicity regulation (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité)


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