Saudi development aid for Switzerland

The (Islamic)  Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS) is  officially supported  by the Saudi regime.

Because the “oath comrades”  (Swiss citizens)  are in Saudi eyes a backward developing country, the Saudis are ready to take their very own kind of “development assistance”  to them.  The house of Saud  donates  to the poor, ignorant  Swiss  1000 freshly printed Korans in order to bring Switzerland on the “correct” path.

The books will arrive at the end of November in Berne  according to  IZRS speaker Quaasim Illi……. (Bern Online)

(No bible or other religious scripture is allowed to be imported to Sowdi Barbaria)

PI has the story in German:

Der Islamische Zentralrat der Schweiz (IZRS) wird ganz offiziell vom saudischen Regime unterstützt. Weil die Eidgenossen in saudischen Augen ein rückständiges Entwicklungsland sind, sind die Saudis bereit, “Entwicklungshilfe” zu leisten. Das Königshaus spendet den armen Schweizerlein 1000 Koranexpemplare, um sie auf den “richtigen” Pfad zu bringen. Die Bücher werden gemäß IZRS-Sprecher Quaasim Illi Ende November in Bern sein.

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  1. They should keep the Swiss warm as they put the koran on the fire while reading the Holy Bible. I feel sorry for those poor backward Swiss how on earth did the ever become the world leaders in machine tool manufacture and as for their watches, well what can I say?

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