So what did the outreach monkey achieve?

“We don’t see the differences between Obama and Bush — they both oppress Muslims, they both have blood on their hands,” Ismail Yusanto, a spokesman for a Muslim group in Indonesia, told CNN. “That’s why we reject Obama, and we don’t believe that he’s reaching out to Muslims.”   (Source)

Not enough Islam in Pakistan:

Here is a video and picture update to the “Pro-Sharia Rallies to Take Place Across Pakistan” story.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Khilafah Rallies across Pakistan

Hizb ut-Tahrir held country wide Khilafah Rallies on Friday 5th November 2010. These rallies were held under the title of ‘Real change- Khilafah’s establishment will mark the end of American agent rulers’. (Loganswarning)

Meanwhile, in Mataram on Saturday, around 1,000 Hizbut Tahrir demonstrators protested against “US imperialism in Indonesia.”

Protesters were seen holding banners that said “Obama is a Jew” — a far cry from accusations he faces at home of being a Muslim — and said Obama’s visit will be an attempt to soften up the Indonesian authorities and boost US economic and political interests in the country and the region.

“We must remember that Obama leads a country that is an enemy to Muslims,” Ismail said in Mataram.

You might find it interesting that the Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia doesn’t require non-Muslim woman to cover their heads with head scarfs. Instead, according to the Hindustan Times, Michelel Obama wearing the head scarf was merely a “a sign of the Obamas’ efforts to show respect for the Islamic world”- nobody would ever expect the ‘Islamic world’ to reciprocate in kind, the Sharia Express comes without brakes……

There are more ridiculous pictures, here>>

Reuters BS line of the day:

Obama is a Christian but faces persistent sniping among some members of the US public that he is a Muslim and, the reports said, aides feared pictures of him wearing such headgear could fuel such rumours.

“Wearing such headgear could fuel such rumours?” My. WTF  does it take to get a job with Al Reuters these days?

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  1. Ismail should pull his head out of his butt and stop speaking crap. The photo of obama is picture perfect, but, unfortunately you are insulting the chimp. Didn’t I read somewhere that muslims have descended from pigs and apes?

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