The Height of Hypocrisy

A society that enables an aging Baywatch actress to raise money for charity only by  flaunting her silicon & Botox enhanced  beauty is good society. It is a society far better than any third world crap-hole that can’t even provide clean air and water to its citizens. The moronic headbangers who whine about this should be rounded up and made to dig wells and irrigation channels…..

Pamela Anderson blasted for  giving Playboy pay to charity

Pamela Anderson – Slammed For Handing Playboy Pay To Charity

PAMELA ANDERSON has been blasted by an Islamic rights group for donating her $25,000 (£16,670) Playboy modeling fee to charity – because the money was obtained through “immoral acts”.

The former Baywatch star posed nude for the January, 2011 issue of the men’s magazine and handed the cheque she received for the spread to Waves 4 Water, a charity that distributes filters to people who don’t have access to clean drinking water, in countries including Indonesia and Haiti.

But officials from the Islamic Defenders Front are fuming about the donation, claiming it is “against the law of God” to hand the modeling money to charity.   (“Allah” is not our G-d.)

Pamela Anderson will cause more disasters:

Habib Umar Salim, the head of FPI’s advisory council, tells Indonesia’s Metro TV, “If she wants to be photographed naked, then she is challenging a bigger disaster to happen in Indonesia. It’s haram (forbidden).” (Hindustan Times)

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  1. But how much could the bitch raise if she took the lot off and put a burka on her head

  2. Muslims are hypocrites, predjudice and are at the height of hipocracy. All they do is efffing complain and kill people!!! If they really cared about anyone they would raise money for the poor!!! But no ! instead they kill them. Go f*** yourself ISLAM

  3. I bet those good ole masturbating Muslims will be reading that magazine. You can bet your boot strap beards on that. Or they can look at it and curse her out of paradise in what they call “eye rape”. Stupid drongos!

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