There's a method in the madness….

Marxist Professors, Commie Universities, Progressive Students: Massive Cheating @ Florida University

The Ends Justify the Means.  Is this why Obumbler hides his school records? Dumb question, I know….(The Blaze)

Call to Investigate Google Ties to Obama Administration

So much for “Don’t be evil.”

Whichever way you look at it, it doesn’t look kosher:

So what is Google all about?

Alternate Explanation for Google’s Veterans Day Logo

Here I was thinking that Google’s grudging Veterans Day logo featured an Islamic crescent peeking out from behind the flag as some kind of secret message from petulant Islamophile moonbats. True that’s no letter e, or we would be able to see the horizontal part, but there could still be another explanation: (Moonbattery)

In Edmonton, Being White Is Now a Hate Crime

Controversy is brewing over a city-sponsored anti-racism campaign that calls on Caucasians to recognize their “white privilege”. … The phrase “white privilege” roughly translates to “open season on Whitey.” The point is to reduce Caucasians to second-class citizens in their own countries, and after taking away what they have built and earned, “spread the wealth around” so that white liberals can wallow in the festering self-hatred that they are depraved enough to mistake for moral righteousness.  (Moonbattery)

Study: Muslim women “uncomfortable” with U.S. doctors

Cupidity & stupidity result in preemptive dhimmitude:

U.S. doctors must become more attuned to Islamic beliefs and values that could affect the physician-patient relationship with Muslim Americans, researchers found in a recently released study. This will become even more important as the U.S. Muslim population of nearly 7 million continues to grow, they found. (USA Today thanks to Mullah)

Think they are comfortable?

Not “Islamophobia”  but “Islamo-schizophrenia”  causes the dilemma of our anti-terror policies:

Muslim radicals often mistaken for friends

Paul Sperry/Boston Herald

In Cairo, Hussein Obama “explained” that terrorism is at odds with Islam, since The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he killed all mankind.”

But jihadists don’t consider us “innocent.” Obama left out a key part of the verse (5:32) that permits the Muslim faithful to kill anyone who spreads “mischief in the land” – which is defined in the next verse as “those who wage war against Allah.”

According to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, the likely source of that misleading quote was then-White House aide Rashad Hussain. Hussain is a Muslim activist with ties to fronts for the radical Muslim Brotherhood. He was caught on tape defending convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian.

Despite all that, Obama appointed him to be a U.S. envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Nine years after 9/11, we’re still not good at sorting out who the real moderates are.

Muslim group plans to ‘break’ Armistice Day silence (UKPA)

Islamic protesters in London have pledged to “break the silence” as millions stopped to mark Armistice Day.

The same bastards who used to call themselves ‘al Mujahinroon’ –

Members of a group known as Muslims Against Crusades called an “emergency demonstration” in Kensington, west London.

Around 30 people gathered close to the junction of Exhibition Road and Kensington Road, adjacent to Hyde Park. There were fears members of the English Defence League could launch a counter-protest after messages were posted online.

Police were questioning people they suspected were preparing to travel to Kensington after arriving at Victoria Station.

Asad Ullah, of Muslims Against Crusades, said sparking violence “is not our intention” but added: “If it does, we are people who will defend our honour.” Speaking from Exhibition Road, he said: “We are demonstrating because this day is a day of remembrance to remember every single fallen soldier, including those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We find it disgusting that innocent people, innocent children, have been killed in an illegal and unjust war and we are demonstrating against that. We want the Government to pull the troops out from these countries and to stop interfering in our affairs.”

Asked how many people are at the demonstration, he said there are “about 30” but more are expected. Mr Ullah added: “We would like to have a protest closer to the memorial but it is difficult to get access. We want to break the silence and say: ‘what about the silence for others that have died?'”

The Muslims Against Crusades website includes graphic images of children wounded in warfare and the torture of detainees at Abu Ghraib. Earlier this year members of the group were involved in violent clashes with far-right groups during a troop march in Barking, east London.

A series of incendiary comments were posted on a social networking website linked to the English Defence League. Some members pledged to attend while others showered the Islamic group with abuse and criticised police for allowing the demonstration to take place.

It is understood the event is taking place in Kensington because it is outside a protected zone around Parliament where spontaneous protests are banned. There are suspicions Muslims Against Crusades is a splinter group of Islam4UK, founded by Anjem Choudary.

5 thoughts on “There's a method in the madness….”

  1. * Islamic protesters in London have pledged to “break the silence” …

    If they were in Melbourne, working for VicRoads, they need not have bothered – VicRoads had intended not top observe the silence in case it offended people from different cultures (via Bolt)…

    [REMEMBRANCE Day should not be forgotten because VicRoads thought it might be offensive to a multicultural community. ]

    [VicRoads was forced to change its policy of ignoring the observance of a minute’s silence when it realised how many people it had offended.]

    * The attack on Australia continues, funded by taxpayers, and executed by top-level “public servants”.

  2. Drifting off topic, but the disrespectful VicRoads has a “Diversity Coordinator” to support its diverse, but minority work force, apparently at the expense of the majority …$UNIDS+for+Web+Display/8036C8697B2B4D16CA2574EA0013CB1A/$FILE/DOT_AnnualReport_0708.pdf

    Department of Transport Annual Report 2007-2008

    [Diversity: We value our people’s
    diversity. We respect, recognise and
    help cultivate each others diverse
    knowledge, skills and capabilities.]

    * Diversity Coordinator – Page 95

    [“I have organised many special events
    during my time at the department for
    weeks of significance such as Cultural
    Diversity Week, International Women’s
    Day, Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC
    week. Particular highlights have
    been: King Marong and the African
    drummers and dancers, Waleed Aly
    from the Islamic Council of Australia,
    Indigenous activist Gary Foley, and
    Tito Tut Pal, a Sudanese refugee.”]

    * But a minute’s silence for Remembrance Day is too much to ask?

  3. Unbelievable.

    So VicRoads has time for African
    drummers and dancers, Waleed Aly
    from the Islamic Council of Australia,
    Indigenous activist Gary Foley, and
    Tito Tut Pal, a Sudanese refugee, but hasn’t got a minute for Remembrance Day?

    HTF did it come to that?

  4. Study: Muslim women “uncomfortable” with U.S. doctors

    This is all part of the Jihad to make our whole society conform to Islamic norms and Muslim invented “sensitivities”. Carry on on this path, and we will be sharia compliant while no actual laws have been changed.

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