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Jihad on benefits:

THE jailing of Roshonara Choudhry will provoke scores of Muslim men to commit further atrocities to defend her honour, say fanatics.  (The Sun)

Yep. And they are “well educated” too:

Roshonara Choudhry supporters are living on benefits: They refuse to apologise for their vile rant at the Old Bailey that made a mockery of our justice system. Nor are they repentant over supporting the radical Muslim woman on trial there for trying to kill an MP in a knife attack. (Daily Mail)

UK: Top Charities Give £200,000 to Group Which Supported Al-Qaeda Cleric

Enabled and financed by our own useful idiots

That they mean well is surely no excuse for such lethal stupidity by professional handwringers and the radical chic:

The radical cleric accused of inspiring the cargo bomb plot has been backed by a prominent British campaign group which has financial support from leading charities.

More from Andrew Bolt:   Fed by our useful idiots


UK: Muslim students challenge interest on tuition fees

Once again, non-Muslims must change their practices to accommodate Muslims. “Muslim challenge to tuition fee interest charges,” by Sean Coughlan for BBC News, November 4 (thanks to JW): (read the whole thing below the fold)

Muslim student leaders say changes to tuition fees in England could breach Islamic rules on finance, which do not permit interest charges.The coalition government’s plans to raise tuition fees to up to £9,000 also include higher interest rates for repayments of loans.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies says this will make loans unusable for many Muslim students.

A government spokesman said these were “not commercial loans”.

As well as raising tuition fees, the proposals for university funding include changes to loan repayments – with some students set to pay more than at present.

Interest charges

Repayments will be structured so that higher-earning graduates are paying higher levels of interest rates, up to 3% above inflation.

Only those who earn below £21,000 will remain paying an effective zero rate of interest.

There are concerns that such interest charges are against Muslim teaching on finance and will prevent young Muslims from getting the finance needed to go to university….

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  1. saw a comment, happy to repeat here…”so if they like sharia that much, cut off thier hands for lying in order to get sickness benefits” (benefits is the Engish word for welfare).

  2. Simple answer to their problem, move to a country with sharia where they won’t have to worry about loans or social security.. not too much education either!

  3. THE jailing of Roshonara Choudhry will provoke scores of Muslim men to commit further atrocities to defend her honour, say fanatics. (The Sun)

    And Roshonara Choudhry attempted to murder an MP because he voted for the Iraq war.

    I hear that Predators are being employed in Yemen. They are OK as efficient Jihadi toppers, but nothing beats boots on the ground to further the main agenda.

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