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Michael Savage Goes Ballistic Over Pathetic Propaganda Group Media Matters – 11/15/2010

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George Soros Is Getting Richer Off Intrusive New Scans

George Soros, the billionaire funder of the country’s liberal political infrastructure, owns 11,300 shares of OSI Systems Inc., the company that owns Rapiscan. Not surprisingly, OSI’s stock has appreciated considerably over the course of the year. Soros certainly is a savvy investor.

Now I know why they don’t use dogs. Nothing involving the federal government can pass the smell test these days. (Moonbattery)

Qui bono? Who profits from the TSA Body Scanning Scam?

U.N. Official Admits: We Redistribute World’s Wealth by Climate Policy

by ENVIRONMENT “This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore…” Read More »