Why Germany?

Nice article in German over at WoJ Germany: Kleiner Finger, ganze Hand

German intel showed al-Qaeda operatives en route to country, Christmas markets a possible target

Such an attack would cause economic damage, with the additional symbolic impact of attacking an event related to a non-Muslim religious celebration. More on this story. “‘Ilyas Kashmiri plotting attacks in Germany’,” from the Times of India, November 18:

BERLIN: German intelligence agents have received evidence from the US that al-Qaida has sent two to four terrorists to Germany and UK via India and the UAE,media reported on Wednesday.

The mastermind behind the possible attacks was named as Mohammed Ilyas Kashmiri, a leading al-Qaida figure from Pakistan. He is also alleged to be behind a bomb attack earlier this year on the German Bakery in Pune, India, in which 17 people were killed. Kashmiri reportedly recruited the men for the latest planned attacks in the Afghan-Pakistani border region. Their identity was not known.

Germany said on Wednesday it was tightening security at airports and train stations after receiving concrete evidence of planned terrorist attacks in the country, including one this month. “From today, there will be a visible police presence. I thought it should be explained to citizens,” interior minister Thomas De Maiziere told a hastily called press conference in Berlin.

“There will also be a variety of measures that will not be visible. There is reason for concern, but no reason for hysteria,” he added.

“According to information from a foreign partner which came to us after the Yemen incident, we suspect a planned attack is due to be put into action at the end of November ,” De Maiziere said.

Last month authorities discovered two US-bound parcel bombs originating from Yemen, one of which went through Cologne airport in western Germany. Citing security sources, the Tagesspiegel daily said the United States had tipped off Berlin that between two and four al-Qaida operatives were on their way to Germany and Britain to attempt attacks.

Among the targets Tagesspiegel cited were Germany’s popular Christmas markets. The paper added the militants were expected to arrive in Germany on November 22 via India or the United Arab Emirates….

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  1. “Non-native Father” sparks classroom crucifix row in Bavaria (The Local)

    Bavaria puts a crucifix in every public school classroom in the heavily Catholic state, but education officials are required to take them down if parents complain.

    Exactly that situation occurred at the beginning of the school year at the Albertus Magnus university-preparatory high school, daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reported Wednesday.

    Taking down crosses is rare, but obligatory if someone complains following a court ruling in 1995, which found that the Christian symbols violated the religious neutrality of the school system.

    “Usually it happens quietly and within the school community,” spokesperson for the Bavarian Education Ministry Ludwig Unger.

    But members of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) have been outraged since the incident came to light over the weekend. A Christian committee within the CSU led by state parliamentarian Thomas Goppel has demanded the cross be returned to its position immediately.

    “I have no understanding for one parent’s demand to take a cross out of a classroom if it defies the wishes of the majority of other parents,” Mayor and CSU member Gerhard Weber told the paper.

    Weber was apparently particularly miffed that the father concerned was not a native German.

    “The question must be asked whether the hospitality that we gladly extend to foreigners has been worn out,” he said.

    The school has kept the father’s identity anonymous, but Weber demanded the man step forward to discuss his complaint.

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