Ahmed sends his regards. From Cairo….

CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab goes to Egypt to  do a little agit prop  and participate in protests

Ahmed does in Egypt the same what he does in the US: propaganda. Da’awa. He went there to tell naive, clueless western  journos that its all about ‘freedom & democracy’, and that the Muslim Brotherhood is a cuddly charity organization. And they will lap it up, like the dogs they are……. (Creeping Sharia)

Robert Spencer has exposed Ahmed Rehab numerous times – learn more about the swashbuckling, coup-enabling Islamist here and here. (Creeping Sharia)

It is not “freedom” that they intend to bring  to Egypt – or to anywhere else.

For us, there is no positive alternative to the Mubarak military dictatorship. The vast majority of Egyptians support the implementation of sharia law, including stoning for adulterers, whippings, cutting off hands for stealing and the death penalty for those who convert out of islam. Large percentages support hamas and hezbollah and of course nearly all despise Israel and Jews.

Egypt and Iran: Will We Again Fuel the Fires of Revolution?

Obama emulates the horrendous decisions Jimmy Carter made during the Iranian revolution. Radical Islam will spread through the region like a forest fire.

Tribes Threaten to Attack Suez Canal if Mubarak Does Not Step Down

It has been speculated that the Egyptian army would not allow the Canal, perhaps Egypt’s most important economic element, to be attacked. However, there appears to be little to no protection and one report states that at least one ship has been attacked there. Others have reported fear of passing through due to the unrest. (Source)

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Believes Unrest Will Topple Arab Gov’ts, Holds Rally

The leader of the Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has staed that he believes that the protests in Egypt will spread to other nations and cause a widespread collapse of autocratic Arab governments. Hammam Saeed appears almost happy over the protests and led his own rally near the Egyptian embassy in the capital Amman. […]

Report: Syrian Tribes Endorse Uprising

This should make the Assad regime shake. The Reform Party of Syria has just sent out Read more »

Uprising Continues in Yemen

While everyone is focused on Egypt, a similar uprising refuses to go away in Yemen: Tens Read more »

One thought on “Ahmed sends his regards. From Cairo….”

  1. Syria is now holding demonstrations, mainly by young people.

    The world around the Southern Mediterannean is on the brink. We all need to help in any way we can the ANTI Islamic forces because it is paused on a knife edge, hour by hour. This is a golden opportunity for Islam against an already disarmed Christian society in the regions. With help, though the tide must be turned in favour of them.

    As for getting Australians out of Egypt. I was caught in an Islamic country, Malaysia during the guld war. Egypt would be worse. Much worse to be trapped there. Even in peaceful times in Egypt, there is not a lot of English in the back blocks. communication within Egypt can be the pitts at the best of time. Directions are impossible. Rail and road connections would be difficult for a person, even for the reporters to get around Cairo or Alexandria. And, as has been said there is many a soldier of Allah wanting to hitch a ride home and carry out the fine art of terrorism. God, I hope Islam does not get the upper hand.

    If anyone still prays, now would be a good time.

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