Couric: how dare you confuse my kaleidoscope mind with reality!

Couric tries to shake a leg, squats……

Watch‘Muslim Cosby Show’: Katie Couric Praises ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’

Feminism in America. Epic Fail.

Frank Zappa would say   “May your shit come to life and kiss you on the face.”

Sheik Yer’mami  say: may the burqa rest lightly on your shoulders!


She first made waves after asserting the United States needed a “Muslim version of ‘The Cosby Show’” to help fight off Islamophobia. The Blaze then joked that Couric’s dream show was actually airing in Canada, a show called “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

On Wednesday, Couric doubled down on her assertion, however, inviting a cast member of Canada’s “Little Mosque” to join her for a web episode of her “@KatieCouric” webcast focusing on Islam in America.

“I’m assuming [the show is] educating people or at least normalizing Islam to a lot of people who are unfamiliar with it,” Couric said. “That was sort of the point of my suggestion, that popular culture can be incredibly influential in just making things less a novelty, and less something to be feared or less of the unknown.”Read More »

There’s more. You know there’s always more. There is ‘SEX UNDER THE BURQA’ Naomi Wolf!

Celebrity leftists such as filmmaker Michael Moore, British film and television director Ken Loach, Australian filmmaker John Pilger, and British human rights activist, Jemima Khan, have hailed Julian Assange as if he were Roman Polanski and Che Guevara rolled into one. They have pledged money for lawyers to defend him against rape allegations in Sweden. They view Assange as a revolutionary outlaw, an internet “artiste,” the new Daniel Ellsberg, a war-stopper, a show stopper, the people’s hero.  (Phyllis Chesler has the story)

I abhor wife beating. If I was her husband and she’d put poison in my coffee I would drink it.  In the  case of Naomi Wolf,  an honor killing would be a relief….

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