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Pakistani men see white girls as ‘easy meat’, claims Jack Straw

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has accused some Pakistani men in Britain of seeing young white women as “easy meat” for sexual abuse. (Telegraph)

Stand by and watch how quick he’ll crawl back under his rock when the blow-back comes. Remember how fast he threw the towel when the Muselmaniacs went apeshit over his burqa  complaints?

Jack Straw under fire after accusing Pakistani men of seeing white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse  (Daily Mail)

What did I say? That didn’t take long to crank up the apologist machinery: ” you can’t stereotype an entire community”, “to go that step further is pretty dangerous..” etc. etc…..

More “Easy Meat” in Nashville:

Prosecutors Pursue Somali Sex Traffickers of American Girls… (TROP)

According to the grand jury indictment made public last month, investigators allege that members of the Somali Outlaws, Somali Mafia and Lady Outlaws gangs pushed girls as young as 12 into prostitution for a decade. One victim, Jane Doe One, was first taken from Minneapolis to Nashville in December 2005 to sell for sex. She was 13 at the time.

There, investigators say, she and other girls were set up in a brothel-like apartment. Jane Doe One told an FBI agent that some of the men she was forced to have sex with were so repulsive, the only way she could endure it was to inhale gasoline fumes or use drugs.  (Source)


6 thoughts on “Easy Meat”

  1. Of course Jack is under fire this member of the Labour Party under whose connivance millions of Mohammedans infiltrated into the UK dared to tell the TRUTH about the Third World Mohammedan cesspit conditions HIS Governments immigration policies have inflicted on UK.

  2. Sheikh wrote: Stand by and watch how quick he’ll crawl back under his rock when the blow-back comes.

    We can treat his stance as a weather vane. If he adopts the dhimmi stance, it will indicate that nothing has changed. If OTH he stands firm, then we will know that the weather is changing – Jack Straw is the kind of politician who knows which way the wind is going to blow.

  3. Sex offenders like these scum should be put in general population with the more hardened veterans.

    Segregate these brave Muslims away from their own so they’ll know full well what it’s like to be preyed upon. Filthy perverted cretins. Although I think the end of a rope would be more appropriate.

  4. Keith Vaz: “I think he (Jack Straw) is wrong to say this is cultural”

    But it is. In that there is a culture of low or no respect for non-Muslim girls and women in Pakistan. Surely Pakistani [origins] Muslims are aware of their country’s problems. A Hindu or Christian girl can be kidnapped ~ in one recent incident the parents of a kidnapped Hindu girl were told she was now the ‘property of the mosque’ ~ and the Pakistani police claimed they don’t get involved with religious conversions [clearly the ultimate aim is that there is another Muslim added]. Or raped and murdered. There was an incident where a Christian servant girl was raped, by a powerful land owner ~ and the Pakistani lawyers protested saying anyone who defended the girl or her family would face consequences.

    There is a culture of impunity and deferential treatment for Muslims in Pakistan ~ and would seem that they thought they should have the same rights in the UK.

    Jack Straw is right ~ it is the wrong time not to offend.
    Islamization Watch

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