Galloping Sharia: Freedom Sack Promoter Ikebal Patel Named Australia Day Ambassador


Who Represents our Youth?

Samah Hadid, Australia’s representative to the United Nations Youth Association for 2010

In case you’re imagining your typical friendly outgoing Aussie, let me reassure you that in our glorious multicultural society, a Muslim woman complete with hijab is our chosen representative. Given that Muslims comprise only 2% of our population, and Muslim females presumably roughly half that amount, you could be forgiven for asking why choose someone who speaks for only 1% of our youth. Read more (Islamist Monitor)

Muslim Village

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel is the 2011 ACT Australia Day Ambassador.

Mr Patel is the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils and is widely involved in organisations such as Civil Liberties Australia and the White Ribbon Foundation.

He was awarded the Pride of Australia “Fair Go” Medal last year.

WTF is the “Fair Go” medal?

Previous Ambassador  here:

2 thoughts on “Galloping Sharia: Freedom Sack Promoter Ikebal Patel Named Australia Day Ambassador”

  1. Australians let us celebrate diversity
    For we are dhimmified and unfree
    Our seas are filled with SIEVs
    Bringing muslims who hate me

    Our politicians fawn to them
    In displays of naivity
    They think that they will keep their heads
    When sharia rules by decree

  2. The Chief Minister has announced an unusual choice for the ACT Australia Day Ambassador. I wish Mr Ikebal Patel well in the performance of his duties because unlike previous Ambassadors, Mt Patel is known to very few Canberrans in the broad community. The publicity surrounding Mr Ikebal Patel’s nomination emphasises his Muslim background and his work has been mainly to pursue the interests of fellow Muslims. He is deeply involved in Muslim affairs outside Canberra and exclusively, it seems with the Muslim minority of less than 4000 within (2006 Census).

    Mr Patel may have easy access to Mr Stanhope and his team, as through Mr Patel they have favoured the Muslim community with the valuable site of the former CIT School of Agriculture at Weston for a Muslim school on generous terms, instead of considering the needs of the residents of Weston Creek.

    A major task before Mr Patel, who is Fijian born, will be to convince his co-religionists from their diverse races that they are expected to assimilate into their new and accepting host country as hundreds of thousands of migrants have done. The latter were able to set aside their feuds and suspicions and even convictions that may have been antagonistic to Australia’s best interests.

    It is hoped that Mr Patel is able to encourage intelligent fellow-Muslims to see the honour of being accepted freely as guests in their new host country, Australia, whose citizens find much of Islamic teaching and law incompatible with their own.

    As a practising Muslim and presumably an orthodox one, it is not clear what Mr Patel can do personally as both a representative of Islam which has a reputation for distrust and violence against people of Western cultures and briefly as the ACT Ambassador for Australia Day.

    But then perhaps his appointment was no more than a political nod at the failed policy of multiculturalism.

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