A true hero:

In todays Australia people like him are arrested and put on trial. For war crimes.

How come far left Brigadier Lyn McDade hasn’t  ruined his career yet?

Why the double standards?

Realising his mates were in grave danger, and with no regard for his own welfare, the SAS Corporal charged headlong into the Taliban machinegun fire.

The sight of the 202cm Australian warrior coming at them must have shocked the bearded Afghans.

Within minutes three enemy guns had been silenced and numerous Taliban fighters lay dead. (Source)

Update:  SKY NEWS

An Australian SAS soldier has emerged from the cloak of anonymity to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith was given the country’s highest military honour for his bravery in single-handedly attacking Taliban positions in Afghanistan.

He has become Australia’s most decorated soldier, having already won the Medal of Gallantry during a previous operation in the country.

The specialist sniper rushed into machine-gun fire in Shah Wali Kot in northern Kandahar on June 11 last year.

The citation for bravery said he acted with total disregard for his own safety in initiating an assault against three enemy machine gun positions, despite facing superior numbers of heavily-armed insurgents.

At a presentation ceremony in the western city of Perth, Prime Minister Julia Gillard told the soldier it was “an award unsought, but completely deserved”.

“Corporal Roberts-Smith, you went to Afghanistan a soldier and came back a hero. Our nation is enriched by you being among our number,” she said.

The soldier, who is 6ft 7in tall, was presented with the medal by Australia’s Governor General Quentin Bryce.  (Sky has more)

I wonder if it was wise to let every Muslim in Austrialia know  who he is and what Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith looks like. It won’t be long before they know where his wife lives and where his kids go to school. I sincerely hope that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith carries a concealed weapon at all times and is prepared to use it at the first sign of a Muselmanic attack.

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  1. Can you just imagine the gnashing of teeth inside the Minority Labor ?Green/Independent / Loon, Union Funded Socialist Australian Federal Government?
    What to do with this fellow ? Their first instinct would have been to charge him with war crimes, after all he did not get killed,he is alive, no funeral and subsequently no TV Photo ops for Madame Gillard to attend wearing her best “Gee I am really upset about this dead Australian soldier face” complete with pan cake Kabuki makeup.

    This Brave Australian Warrior deserves the Victoria Cross, and some, I just cannot stomach the thought of one of Madame Gillard’s mooted successors Mother in law and Australian Labor Party ambassador / Kevin 07 apologist and activist, presenting him with this most sacred (let alone any) of Australian War medals.

    I guess it would be seen as a little over the top, even for the Australian Labor Party and their Green Loon Independent Union Financed Minority coalition cabal to let lose their Star Chamber attack dog Mc Dade on him and charge him with not asking permission from those he shot before he did so.

    I well remember Comrade Hawke when asked about abolishing ANZAC Day and eliminating all it stood for , he replied that doing so was not necessary, as soon all those from the first and second world wars would be dead and it would be best to simply let ANZAC Day die with them.
    So how many Australian soldiers were dragged before a Socialist Multicultural Star Chamber, for not been killed in the Second World War? No wonder the Socialist Green Loon Left is waiting for Australia’s finest to simply do the right thing and die out.

  2. Thanks Sheik, I have a lot more to say, however the rage within usually causes a shut down of much needed thought processes.

    We must drive this Mc Dade moron,her Star Chamber and her facilitators and supporters over the CLIFFS and into the SEA.

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