German Imam kicks the bucket

The Life & Times of Imam  Hübsch (from PI)

Once he was a rebel, writes the Frankfurt Journal, Hübsch converted 1969 to Islam and became a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

Imam of Frankfurts Nuur Moschee, Hadayatullah Hübsch.

Wikipedia offers more:

Hübsch was an active member of the student revolt in the late sixties, was also a member of Commune 1. (a ‘progressive’ Marxist Free Love commune that made the news in those days) He was heavily experimenting  with LSD, opened an alternative bookshop in Frankfurt, traveled to Morocco, spent some time in a psychiatric institution. A long-time sufferer of drug induced flashbacks he frequently suffered from hallucinations.

In German: Das Leben des braven Imam Hübsch

… [Hübsch] war während der Studentenunruhen der APO in der linken Szene aktiv, unter anderem der Kommune 1. Es folgten zahlreiche Drogenerfahrungen, vor allem mit LSD, die Eröffnung eines alternativen Buchladens in Frankfurt, Reisen nach Marokko, Psychiatrie-Aufenthalte. […] Er litt sehr lang noch an Flashbacks, an fortbestehenden Wahrnehmungsstörungen nach Halluzinogengebrauch.


Seekers of totalitarian doctrines, unite!

A Pennsylvania man who has posted jihadi songs and pictures of himself in Nazi garb online allegedly bit two FBI agents and reached for a loaded gun when the agents attempted to question him. (ABC News)

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  1. A mentally ill, brain damaged communist drug addict suffering from hallucinations- the perfect candidate for conversion to islam…

  2. Yeah! Too True. But arent they all like that? Mentally ill, brain damaged, drug addicted with hallucinations-THIS IS ISLAM.

  3. Wednesday evening, Turkey
    Tried to hijack plane to Istanbul

    One hour before landing, the Turk screamed in Turkish, that he had a bomb in the plane, and demanded the plane to return to Norway. People were scared because they could see his cell phone. After landing, the man was controlled by another passenger, and handed over to the local police at the Istanbul Airport.

    “Police identified the hijacker as Cuma Yasar.”

  4. Coptic Christians cannot celebrate Christmas for fear of Muslim terror attacks… in Germany

    Who cares about the Copts?

    His Grace has spoken of their plight many times (eg HERE and HERE), yet there is no respite from their appalling persecution.

    Perhaps now that the terror has reached Europe, the authorities may act.

    For the Copts are not only being threatened in Germany: the inexorable Islamist jihad is also spreading through the Netherlands, with Coptic churches in Italy, France, Austria, Sweden and the UK also being targeted.

    There is now a general terrorist threat against Coptic Christians living throughout Europe.

    Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Britain said they have been in touch with the Metropolitan Police and have made them aware of the threats.

    Muslims having ethnically cleansed Jews from Muslim nations, are in the process of doing the same to Christians.

    Sooner or later they had to start in the West.

  5. Schlussel’s sympathies for the Copts are limited:

    it’s an unfortunate but true fact that most Christians in the Middle East sided with Muslims against the Jews (not just against the Israelis). And among the most viciously anti-Semitic Christians in the Mid-East are the Copts. At ten percent of the Egyptian population, they historically not only supported Egypt against the Jews and Israel, but the Copts participated in Egyptian Muslim pogroms against Jews, supported the expulsion of nearly the entire Jewish Community of Egypt, and even participated in looting and seizing Jewish property before and after the expulsion was complete. And, although they are mostly found in Egypt, in every other Middle Eastern nation in which they have a small presence, Copts have consistently participated in persecuting the Jews. It’s not by accident. They are simply following the openly anti-Semitic teachings of Coptic Pope Shenouda III.

    As I noted on Christmas Eve, despite the hatred and persecution of Christians by Muslims, the Christians in the Middle East–with the exception of some factions of Maronite Christians in Lebanon–bet against Israel and the Jews. And they picked the wrong side.

    So, as I’ve noted on this site before, I can’t shed too many tears (if any) for the Copts. Their intolerance of Egypt’s Jews has now come full circle in Egyptian Muslims’ intolerance of them. Islamic intolerance of non-Muslims–including Copts–isn’t news, but it never stopped them from joining their Muslim oppressors to “get” someone they hated more: Al-yahudi’in, the Jews.

    What goes around, comes around. And the karma of anti-Semitic hate and killing is often a bitch.

  6. Agreed Sheik – and the lesson is that if you accede to mohammedan demands you are seen as weak and pliable by them, and the demands will grow. Now the real question is how to educate those in governance w.r.t. to this issue.

  7. Update:

    Islam is Not Like Other Religions
    Here’s a refreshing departure from the PC sentiments typically expressed by Christian clergy: a Coptic bishop says that Islam is different, and Muslims should be excluded from an event in Rome commemorating the New Year’s Eve massacre in Alexandria.

    According to ANSAmed:

    Coptic Bishop in Rome: No to Muslim Presence on Sunday

    (ANSAmed) – ROME, JANUARY 3 — “I shall never accept that representatives” of Rome’s Muslim community should join us for Sunday’s demonstration called to commemorate the victims of the massacre in Alexandria. The Bishop of the Coptic Church in Rome, Msg. Barnaba el Soryany has told ANSAmed.

    The Bishop was nonetheless heartened by the many other religious communities and institutions joining in the demonstration. In reference to his wish to exclude both Muslim religious and political representatives, Msg. Soryany added he was “unafraid to say so”.

    Read more »

  8. The anti-semitic behaviour of some ‘Christian’ denominations (including the catholic church) originated from mis-reading the clear teachings of Scripture. It is called ‘replacement theology’ where they believe the church is the new Israel. But God never breaks a promise, and Israel will forever belong to the Jews, and the Jews will forever be God’s chosen people. Support Israel and truly be on Gods’ side…

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