In an Islamic country, every Westerner is a potential hostage

The Paki’s will milk this for all its worth:

Pakistan says “law”  must take its course in U.S. diplomat case

Islamic law, of course. Its not that they respect any international treaties, or ‘man made laws’ of the kuffar.

Under the pact of Umar, the kuffar (or kafir) is not allowed to carry a weapon or strike a Muslim. A Dhimmi is not allowed to act in self defense…..

An update from this:

Islamic Sharia law trumps International Diplomatic Law:

Thanks to Weasel Zippers:

The Pakistanis are now claiming that Raymond Davis, the US embassy employee involved in the incident, is not in possession of a diplomatic visa. The US asserts that Davis “is a member of the US Embassy’s technical and administrative staff, and therefore entitled to full criminal immunity and cannot be lawfully arrested or detained.”

Raymond Davis, in custody

(Reuters) – Pakistan on Saturday said its legal process should be respected after the U.S. embassy called for the immediate release of an American diplomat who was arrested after he killed twoPakistanis this week.

The American, identified by Pakistani police as Raymond Davis, told a court on Friday he had acted in self-defense after fleeing what he said was a robbery attempt in the eastern city of Lahore on Thursday.

Davis has been remanded in police custody for six days for questioning.

“This matter is sub judice in a court of law and the legal process should be respected,” a Pakistani foreign office spokesman said in a statement.

The Inter’l Herald Tribune calls self-defense “double murder:”

The U.S. embassy said in a statement on Friday only that a staff member of the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore was involved in an incident involving “loss of life.”

In a statement on Saturday, the embassy identified him as a U.S. diplomat who it said had been unlawfully detained by authorities in Lahore, where the shooting took place.

It said the diplomat acted in self-defense when confronted by two armed men and had every reason to believe they meant to harm him, and said arresting the diplomat was a violation of international norms and the Vienna Convention.

In his initial statement, Davis told police that he was chased by the two men soon after he withdrew money from a cash machine. The men approached him when he pulled over at a traffic signal and they pointed a gun at him.

Davis then fired at the men, a police official said. Armed robberies and carjackings are becoming more common in Pakistan, but Westerners are rarely targeted.

The killings are likely to fuel anger against the United States in the mainly Muslim nation where anti-American sentiment runs high and anger at the U.S.-allied government is also growing due to its perceived ineptitude.

(Reporting by Augustine Anthony, Editing by Michael Georgy and Sonya Hepinstall)

What’s at stake:

1. The US statement defended Davis’ act saying: “The diplomat had every reason to believe that the armed men meant him bodily harm. Minutes earlier, the two men, who had criminal backgrounds, had robbed money and valuables at gunpoint from a Pakistani citizen in the same area.”

2. the local police and senior authorities failed to observe their legal obligation to verify his status with either the US Consulate General in  Lahore or the US embassy in Islamabad, adding that the arrest and subsequent remand of Davis is a violation of international norms.

3. Every non Muslim is a hostage:

Interestingly, one military official is being said to have even suggested that the case could be “used for urging the United States government to dismiss the case filed against the director-general of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)”, which is being heard by a court in New York.”

3 thoughts on “In an Islamic country, every Westerner is a potential hostage”

  1. Robbing the kaffir is no crime.
    To have a non-Muslim defend himself? Now there’s a capital crime under Islamic law and in an Islamic state.
    Mr. Davis, you are indeed a hostage.

  2. Poor Mr Davis, you would feel more confident if the Republicans were in office. Democrats in office, you will be a hostage for a long time, if your lucky.

  3. I don’t think this diplomat would be in jail if Pres Bush was in power. Its the contempt that even a beggar nation such as Pakistan has for Obama’s America is why this is happening.

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