Israel vs progressives:

Q: Why are you protesting against Israel?

A:  Don’t confuse me with facts!

Soccer Jihad:

Hamas plot to attack soccer stadium with a missile

From YNet:

Two Hamas members from east Jerusalem were indicted Sunday on suspicion of planning to fire a missile at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium during an Israeli premier league soccer match.

Israel Arrests Two UK Consulate Workers Yahoo News

Israel says it has charged two workers at the British Consulate in Jerusalem with arms trafficking, in connection to an alleged plot by militants to fire a rocket into a football stadium.

Islamic Jihad condemns…. Jihad!

After a  bombing at a church in Egypt killed at least 24 Christians Islamic Jihad blames da Jooozzz:

Islamic Jihad in Gaza condemned the attack, saying that “this attack aims to foment sedition and sectarian strife in Egypt, and is the interest of the Zionist enemy.”  An Al Qaeda allied organization took responsibility for the attack.


A Palestinian woman, reported to have been killed by inhaling tear gas fired by IDF troops during an anti-security barrier protest on Friday, was apparently not at the protest, IDF sources said on Monday. (J’Post)

Pamela protests:

Open Letter to the CBC

I was copied on this letter to the CBC. Despicable cretins. Photos prove protest violence.

Hamas beats women protesters

Palestine Press Agency says that Hamas arrested and beat a group of women holding a protest at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in central Gaza City on Saturday.

The women were celebrating the 46th anniversary of Fatah’s first terror attack.  “Witnesses said that members of Hamas attacked the women with batons, tore up their flags and took the women to a detention center, shouting curses and insults.

Pal-Arabs celebrate terror anniversary

Elder of Ziyon:  I found this image of Arafat – the kind that you won’t see ever since the West started rehabilitating him as a peacemaker:

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  1. Israel was the main focus of muslim turds which has now spread to the West. Israel still stands in the way of the Western conquest for these muslim dogs. There is nothing human whatsoever about muslims. They are demons disguised as human beings to fool us. The simplest solution to bring back good common sense and decency is to round up every muslim living in Australia and shoot the dead. End of story, end of problem.

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