Looters Break Into King Tut Museum & Destroy Artifacts

Idols. Who needs them?

Egyptian looters broke into the Cairo museum that holds most of the King Tutankhamen collection and destroyed several artifacts.
ABC reported (via GWP)

Looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during anti-government protests late on Friday and destroyed two Pharaonic mummies, Egypt’s top archaeologist told state television.

Other news:

The museum in central Cairo, which has the world’s biggest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, is adjacent to the headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party that protesters had earlier set ablaze. Flames were seen still pouring out of the party headquarters early on Saturday.

“I felt deeply sorry today when I came this morning to the Egyptian Museum and found that some had tried to raid the museum by force last night,” Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said on Saturday.

“Egyptian citizens tried to prevent them and were joined by the tourism police, but some [looters] managed to enter from above and they destroyed two of the mummies,” he said.

He added looters had also ransacked the ticket office.

The two-storey museum, built in 1902, houses tens of thousands of objects in its galleries and storerooms, including most of the King Tutankhamen collection.

Of course, our Obama-loving media won’t say diddly about this looting. It’s only an issue when a Republican is in office.

8 thoughts on “Looters Break Into King Tut Museum & Destroy Artifacts”

  1. The world will one day be a Lootstan, Cutstan, Plightstan and New New Qubristan……………

    The Pan Islamic count-down has begun to capture this World and India too.
    Posted by hinduexistence on January 29, 2011
    Link : http://hinduexistence.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/the-pan-islamic-count-down-has-begun-to-capture-this-world-and-india-too/

    ~ Upananda Brahmachari.
    *Muslim population growth to out-pace non-Muslims world wide as Pan Islamic agenda.
    **Muslims to Make Up Fourth of World’s Population by 2030.
    ***Increasing Muslim population in India will create severe persecution upon Hindus in Muslim majority areas.

  2. With no leadership from any Western Nation – This could be the scenerio of our future. No sign of any leadership at all. The signs are all bad. We may all have to leave our laptops and get out in the street. But, who will lead us?

  3. Mohammedan hatred and destruction of Statues , Paintings and other such works of art is yet another integral facet of this EVIL CULT which left wing moonbats and the Lame Stream EneMedia conveniently ignores along with the BLATANT HYPOCRISY and Arab RACISM and BARBARIC Shariah Law.

  4. As with the Alexandria library of Ancient Rome, in a thousand years, it will be “common knowledge” and “historical fact” that Christians, in a rage of religious fervor, destroyed the Egypt museum and artifacts of Ancient Egypt. And Islam will be credited for all the discoveries and advancements in science and mathematics made by Ancient Egyptians.

  5. We are looking at the full Islamization of the Middle East, I am afraid.
    Democracy wii not replace this dictatorship. It will be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Iran must be gloating over these developments.

    I have heard that Hamas has been pouring over the border from Gaza to assist their Muslim brothers.
    I am sure Iran and Syria will be supplying Hizbollah fighters as well.

    Mubarak was a dictator, yes, but at least he kept the MB from coming to power there.

  6. To all of America; lets support each other to cut-off foreign aid to Egypt now and forever! They don’t appreciate it and they don’t deserve it. Let’s cut everybody off foreign aid, it’s our tax money that we worked hard for and our goverment waists it for unapproved reasons. Let’s all support to improve our own country for employment growth by keeping our billions of dollars here!

  7. Quote:
    ***Increasing Muslim population in India will create severe persecution upon Hindus in Muslim majority areas.
    end quote.

    Persecution anc conquest are the ways Islam is spread.
    It is the most repulsive religion and culture in the world, and spreads only through the threat of theft, extreme suffering and death.

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