Most Recent Mohammedan Contributions to Humanity

Egyptian security guards withdrew an hour before jihad bombing at church

The body parts were covered with newspapers until they were brought inside the church after some Muslims started stepping on them and chanting Jihadi chants… and meanwhile their Christian brethren across the face of the earth simply turn their heads as if nothing ever happened!

Support for jihad in high places. “Egyptian Security Guards Withdrew One Hour Before Church Blast, Say Eyewitnesses,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, January 2:

The latest from the Religion of Peace

Armenian Genocide: Killed and Forgotten (Tribune)

The Turks taught Hitler a thing or two about genocide.

How Many Killed by Islam? (Political Islam)

Africans have suffered the most under the “Religion of Peace,” but Buddhists have gotten off lucky (only 10 million dead).

Africans Raped, Beaten and Held for Ransom (BBC)

Yawn. Nothing to see here. . . Just Arabs raping and torturing hundreds of black refugees in the desert.

The Five ‘Best’ Arguments Against Sharia in the U.S. (Pajamas Media)

How can a legal system that is fundamentally incompatible with human decency be constitutional?

The White House also went out of its way to portray a situation in which the scales were more level where casualties were concerned in the New Year’s church bombing in Egypt. And if Sharia is mentioned at all in most media coverage, it is the province of a Tiny Minority of Extremists promoting their “extreme” version of the law.

Below is a story with the title “Violence shows Christian, Muslim split in Nigeria,” and another example of such coverage of religious “tensions” (as it they were nothing a national “spa day” couldn’t dispel). This report also includes this striking statement about Nigeria’s best known jihadist group, Boko Haram:

“The group also remains devoted to the implementation of strict Islamic law rather than a political agenda.”

It is hard to make heads or tails of such a statement when the imposition of a legal system is so obviously a political agenda, unless the author has no idea of the scope of Sharia law. He seems to have concluded that Boko Haram’s disinterest in Nigeria as a national entity — “some African lands known as Nigeria,” as they call it — makes the group apolitical. Of course, religion and politics are inextricably linked here, for the fundamental motivation behind jihad in all its forms is the imposition of Sharia as the only law for all affairs, public and private.

In the long run, Nigeria is but an artificial entity that would dissolve under a future caliphate, or Islamic superstate. And if an Islamic state emerged in Nigeria or a portion of it, having only that much land under Sharia would not be “enough,” because the existing borders are meaningless to Islamic imperialism.

That sort of thing has been known to cause “tension” with one’s non-Muslim neighbors, whether down the street in northern Nigeria, or across state and national borders. “Violence shows Christian, Muslim split in Nigeria,” by Jon Gambrell for the Associated Press, January 2 (thanks to JW):

LAGOS, Nigeria – Multiple explosions rocked a central Nigerian city, another bomb killed at least four at an army barracks in the capital and a radical Muslim sect burned churches in the northwest.

The new violence over the past two weeks highlights the tensions between Nigeria’s two major faiths — Christians and Muslims — and threatens peace ahead of the young democracy’s April presidential election.

Africa’s most populous country, home to 150 million people, has seen tens of thousands die in the violence between Christians and Muslims since it gained independence from Britain in 1960. While members of the two faiths intermarry and live peacefully in much of the country, political, economic and ethnic rivalries often fuel violence between the two faiths.

“There is anecdotal evidence that rival candidates are appealing for support on the basis of shared ethnic and religious identities that is likely to foment tension,” recently wrote John Campbell, a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria who now is a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

The most recent attack, the bombing Friday of an outdoor beer garden and market at a barracks in the nation’s capital of Abuja, could be the work of Muslim extremists, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan said Saturday.

The main militant group in Nigeria’s oil-rich southern delta, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, issued a statement Sunday denying its involvement in the bombings. The militant group previously orchestrated an October dual car bombing in the capital that left 12 dead and dozens more injured.

Jonathan on Sunday visited victims of the barracks bombing. In a statement, his office said the president praised first responders for “lessening casualties by speedily evacuating the market after the first explosion before a second blast occurred.” It was the first time authorities have said there were two bombs in the area of market stalls and beer parlors referred to locally as a “mammy market.”

Jonathan, a Christian who came to power after the May death of Nigeria’s Muslim elected leader, said Friday’s bomb had similarities to those used in the central Nigerian city of Jos. Three bombs exploded there on Christmas Eve, killing dozens. Authorities say about 80 died, including those killed in post-bombing reprisal violence. That region has seen more than 500 people die in religious and ethnic violence this year alone.

An Internet posting attributed to a radical Muslim sect in the north known locally as Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the bombings. Boko Haram also attacked two churches in the northern city of Maiduguri on Christmas Eve as well, killing at least six people. Police blamed the sect for another church attack Saturday night that left a church destroyed in Maiduguri, though no one was injured.

However, Boko Haram likely has no political aspirations in the nation. Its statements routinely refer to the country as “some African lands known as Nigeria.” The group also remains devoted to the implementation of strict Islamic law rather than a political agenda. […]

Many in the country fear the violence may be politically motivated. President Jonathan faces a primary election in the ruling People’s Democratic Party this month against a Muslim northerner. After the death of elected leader Umaru Yar’Adua before the end of his first term, some in the party believe another northerner should lead the nation to satisfy an unwritten power-sharing agreement.

Jonathan’s administration, as well as the nation’s security agencies, have been unable to stop the attacks. […]

However, Jonathan’s profile had a message on Christmas Eve reading: “While there was tension in some parts of the north last Christmas, this Christmas those tensions have eased.”

Only a few hours later, that claim would be proven wrong.

“Since then, the senseless violence has erupted … and the entire country lies in the grip of a general air of insecurity,” an editorial Sunday in Lagos’ NEXT newspaper warned.

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