Palin Derangement Syndrome: its All Her Fault!

So much for “civility” in the age of the Muslim POTUS Obama

MSNBC Exonerates Jared Loughner (Moonbattery)

The liberal media isn’t just biased and irresponsible, it is poisonous:  the words of those who don’t agree with MSNBC’s depraved political agenda caused Loughner to act. This isn’t lousy analysis or even wishful thinking. It is a bald-faced lie.

The lie is working on those who choose to drink the Kool-Aid:

Who else would be to blame? Sarah Palin of course. Evidence of any connection whatsoever is unnecessary. Like Bush 43 and Emmanuel Goldstein before her, Sarah Palin is responsible for all things bad.

Even among Americans at large, an alarming 32% have been duped into taking seriously the “mainstream” media’s surreal presentation of the killings as caused by conservatives being allowed to express their views.

Clarence Dupnik Wins Pea Brain Award

Congratulations to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. When he jeopardized the prosecution of a mass murder by exploiting it as a pretext to denounce his ideological opponents and the people of his own state, he earned a prestigious award coveted by his fellow unhinged moonbats — the Pea Brain Award by Hugh: (thanks to Moonbattery)


A rare moment of sanity from Pat Buchanan:


The Drum did not hestitate to rush out this (wickedly false) judgement by Australia’s very own Stalinist Bob Ellis on the Right over the shooting of Giffords:

Palin, who may be guilty of ‘encouraging a terrorist act’ is politically finished I would think now, and Donald Trump the automatic Republican front-runner, closely followed by his hair. And Fox News, which has done its fair share of enflaming domestic terrorists with its Tea Party war cries and yodellings, may lose some sponsorship and a lot of audience, fast…

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  1. In la la left wing moonbat land no one is ever responsible for their own actions they are all forced to do it by someone or something else. So cannot be blamed for anything. Which is why moonbats hate successful people and want to take all their money and give it to the poor (while skimming a little something off for themselves of course). You see in moonbat minds the poor are only poor because the rich took it from them . Moonbats of course DESERVED their share of the REPARATIONS for helping the poor take from the rich. There you have left wing philosophy in a nutshell.

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