Switzerland: Jewish writer sentenced for "racism against Islam"

Which race is Islam again?

Conflating Islam with race is most pervasive in Britain, where it serves as an all-purpose weapon to beat down any criticism of Islam. Who could imagine that a judge would  apply the same deceitful tactic in dhimmitude resisting Switzerland?

Another Victory for Islam:

A lecture tour of the Israeli journalist and Jewish theologian Avi Lipkin (alias Victor Mordecai – photo) before the minaret vote in Switzerland will cost him dearly.  Lipkin warned at that time, minarets were not church towers, but  “nails in the coffin of the west” and explained on the basis of definitions in the Bible that Allah exhibits rather the characteristics of Satan than the God of the Bible.

Telling the truth about Islam causes Islamically mandated hissy fits,  and the soldiers of Allah, who are always eager to wage litigation jihad against truth-tellers,  took the matter to court.

Lipkin was sentenced in accordance with Swiss anti-racism law. The radical “Islamic Central Council of Switzerland”  is triumphant.

There is more on PI, if somebody is willing to translate I’ll post it. There doesn’t seem to be an English article of this yet.

In German from PI:  Jude verurteilt wegen “Rassismus gegen Islam”

Die Vortragstournee des israelischen Publizisten und jüdischen Theologen Avi Lipkin (alias Victor Mordecai – Foto) vor der Minarettabstimmung in der Schweiz kommt ihn teuer zu stehen. Lipkin warnte damals, Minarette seien keine Kirchtürme, sondern “Sargnägel im Sarg des Westens” und erklärte anhand den Definitionen der Bibel, dass Allah eher die Wesenszüge Satans aufweist als die Gottes. Wegen dieser Unerhörtheiten (PI berichtete) wurde Lipkin jetzt gemäß Schweizer Anti-Rassismusgesetz verurteilt.

Der der radikale “Islamische Zentralrat der Schweiz” triumphiert:

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  1. Well, Shysterland, after you stole property from Jews in WWII, now you phonies are back at it again. Guess what? Islam is not a race. And who cares if it were….their whole agenda is to murder Jews and Christians too. Cut the garbage. You again prove yourselves to be Anti-Semitic toads. The crocodile will eat you last, but he surely will eat you. Can’t wait.

  2. Whomever passed this sentenced needs to be beaten to within an inch of their live(s). HE also needs to be broken out of prison and whisked away to safety.

  3. I ‘s say that all of those european judges who side with muslims by voting against westerners need to me ‘removed’. They need to be dealt with, quietly.

  4. Turkey’s Erdogan: “The Minarets Are Our Swords”
    Written by: Diana West
    Monday, November 30, 2009 10:57 AM

    Andrew Bostom delves into the sourcing behind the wholly rational, minimally survivalist rationale against permitting minarets to rise over non-Islamic lands — if, that is, they are to stay non-Islamic. Andy writes:

    The venerable Brill Encyclopedia of Islam (EOI) entry on minarets makes plain that minarets are a political statement of Islamic supremacism. Interestingly, given current Turkish Erdogan’s provocative statement while mayor of Istanbul — (the full statement was quoted in a NY Times story http://www.kurdistan.org/Washington/nyt.html by Stephen Kinzer from 2/16/1998: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets, the minarets are our swords, and the faithful are our army”), cited by opponents of minaret construction in Switzerland — the observations from the Brill EOI about the Ottoman perspective on minarets are of particular interest.

  5. Seeing the glorious rise of Islam in the world, particularly in the West, anti-Islamic forces and Judeo- Christian conspirators are relentlessly trying to defame Islam in multiple ways and means either by using the influential global media against Islam or hiring some agents in the Muslim and non-Muslim nations in spreading concocted propaganda against Islam. Though such agents of Judeo-Christian conspirators are mostly working secretly, some of such agents are showing the huge audacity of working almost openly in several countries, thus spreading venom against Islam in a planned way. Their initial strategy was using the name of Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda in actually hurting the image of Islam, which now has been even widened by their attack on Sharia law, Qur’an and even the Islam itself.
    Details: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/382/819/Zionist_spy_and_anti_Islam_conspiracy.html

  6. Khursid, saying “Seeing the glorious rise of Islam…” makes you sound like Hitler, you know? But that’s hardly surprising, considering the fact that islam & nazism were of the same ilk.

    Also, “using the influential global media against Islam” is generally exposing islam to the world, showing the intelligent people (meaning non-muslims) what islam is all about. It would be ideal that muslims came to realise that islam is not for or of this world and that it needs to be dealt with appropriately, i.e. banned.

    Finally, an enormous amount of information available on the net comes directly from your (un)holy book, the koran, and the demented utterings the paedophile ‘prophet’ mohammed has been attriduted with. Try going here :- http://prophetofdoom.net/ and educate yourself.

  7. kushit,
    You are a moron – what glorious rise of islam are you talking about ??? islam is still a degenerate faith, followed by degenerate morons, who belive that murder is an acceptable tool to propogate their vile philosopy. So tell us again, you stupid moron, how exactly has islam become “glorious”???

  8. To Mr Khan

    Where on earth have to come from? Dont you know that Islam is murdering in about 49 Countries?

    I would be ASHAMED to attach my name to this vile creature of evil called Islam…………
    You and your crown are leaches, ponsing off the hard work of others as you collect your benefits. You follow a murderer, not a prophet, a rapist, paedophile, liar and thief.

    There is no Allah, he was just a stone efigy called Alliala, and I have his picture.

    So move on…… moron.

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