Sydney: opposing the burqa is "racism"

Nothing to do with race.

But that’s what 7News would have you believe. Its got everything to do with opposing Islamic supremacy, misogyny, wife-beating,  polygamy, FGM, child-marriage, honor killings, Islamic thuggery, intimidation and the restoration of free speech. Kudos to Sergio Redegalli for taking a stand, where others would just give up.

In fact, that’s what the politically correct brainwashed journo from 7-News is asking him to do:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes who is always a mile ahead…….

4 thoughts on “Sydney: opposing the burqa is "racism"”

  1. Bloody anti-racists, so violent, seems they are the ones who would eagerly salivating at the mouth to wantingly ban free speech.

    Pity they don’t protest against the racially motivated gang raping refugees.

    The Liberal Left is so misguided by Socialism/communism.

  2. Perhaps this guy could be the Geert Wilders of Australia. I’d love to clone him and bring him to America; he has more gonads than most any U.S. politician I know. I’d also like to see him put the U.S. lame stream media in its place as he did that douche bag reporter.

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