The Goracle and the melting mountains of carbon credits…..

It was a great scam. But now its over, says Imre Salusinszky

WE did it. For once, we acted collectively, as humans, huddled together on a fragile planet, rather than as selfish individuals. And we did it: we beat global warming.

So now let’s move on.

But the Goracle can’t let go: he’s got too much at stake:

Al Gore highlights link between floods, global warming in ‘climate crisis’

Al Gore is highlighting a recent news report that casts devastating floods in Australia and Brazil as signs of climate change.

In a Tuesday Twitter message flagging the broadcast, he called the ABC News story an “important link.” He also addressed the issue on his website. (The Hill)

F*kc the Goracle. Lets get out while we still can!

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