"You don't have a right to tell Muslim women what to wear…"

That’s what a hysterical, unhinged Darryn Hinch told radio jock Michael Smith when he said burqa’s shouldn’t be worn used in to rob  banks.

If you oppose the freedom sack, like Sergio Redegalli in Sydney, your chances to get firebombed and to become world famous as a greasy Islamophobic racist bigot are   as certain as death.

But if you happen to be a Muslim and you threaten to kill your sister, (or mother, or cousin) for not wearing the liberating freedom sack you’ll find nothing but understanding, interfaith dialogue, tolerance and sympathy from the politically correct brigades who rule over us. Whacking females under black shrouds and killing them if they refuse is progress. Get with the program,  respeck it, infidel!  (and shut up before we cut your throat….)

Right Darryn?

A man threatened to kill his cousin and harm her family after she decided to stop wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf, a court has heard.

(Again: the freedom sack is not “traditional” at all, it is an in-your-face insult to all non Muslims just like the manufactured Mohammedan history or their pathetic “science”….)

Daily Mail

Mohamed Al-Hakim, 29, allegedly phoned Alya Al-Safar to tell her she must die because of the ‘shame’ she had brought – leaving her too afraid to leave the house.

He had already branded her family ‘bitches and whores’ because of her decision, the court heard.

Miss Al-Safar, 21, had stopped wearing the hijab a few days before the phone call.

She said that Al-Hakim’s mother, her aunt Mardhiya Al-Musawi, ‘wasn’t happy’ that she had stopped covering her hair – a step she had been considering for more than two years.

She received his call when she was with her parents and two younger brothers at their home in Hammersmith, West London.

Al-Hakim allegedly instructed her to play the conversation over a loudspeaker so that they could all listen at about midnight on June 9.

Miss Al-Safar, who did not have her head covered in court but did swear on the Koran, told the jury that Al-Hakim had said: ‘Listen to me carefully, it has been three days and I did not sleep.

‘I have decided not to go out of the house for two weeks.

‘Listen Alya, I am warning you if by the 19th of June you are not wearing the hijab back, I am warning you I will kill you and harm you. I am giving you ten days. You brought shame to your family, you should not have done that.’

Al-Hakim, who denies one charge of making threats to kill, allegedly said he thought the phone call might be taped but he warned her he was ‘not afraid of anything’. Miss Al-Safar said: ‘He was calm. I was so scared, I really felt scared because my cousin was threatening me.

‘I didn’t know if he was joking, if he was just mad, or if it was true and he would do it.

‘He started shouting, “Listen to me, you had better do what I said.

‘I have seen you on the Edgware Road [a busy street in central London] and if I see you again I will kill you”.

‘He said something about harming my father as well.

‘I was so scared I didn’t want to leave the house and everyone in my family said, “Don’t go out”.’

Days earlier Al-Hakim, of Acton Park, West London, had called Miss Al-Safar’s mother to complain about the decision to ditch the hijab and had shouted down the phone, the jury heard.

Miss Al-Safar said: ‘Then he said something like, “You all are bitches and whores”.’

Her mother, Fatima Al-Musawi, told the court that Al-Hakim had said: ‘If Alya doesn’t wear the hijab I will kill her or send someone else to kill her.

‘If I see her in Edgware Road, I will kill her dad with her.’

The 44-year-old, who was wearing a hijab, told the jury at Isleworth Crown Court: ‘I was shocked but I knew that he was very nervous, and didn’t believe he would do it.’

Miss Al-Safar’s brother, Khadir Al-Safar, said of the phone call: ‘He said he was tired, sick and ashamed of what my sister had done … to take off her hijab.’

The 20-year-old added that his immediate family supported his sister’s decision, but extended relatives were ‘really mad’.

When asked how his aunt reacted to the news, Mr Al-Safar said: She was so mad, really mad. There were big arguments between my sister and auntie … lots of talking and swearing.’

George Papageorgis, prosecuting, said: ‘It appears that this cousin, who is the eldest in the immediate vicinity, took exception and gave her an ultimatum.’

The case continues.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/EurekaBrigade?feature=mhum

    some videos of the protests at Sergio’s , including how a CMFEU union member who loves nazi’s ( they are cool) was screaming death to the jews and doing nazi salutes , while the rest of his crowd where calling out RACISTS OUT .. we also note a aboriginal lady came by ( a local resident) and after the crowd demanded the mural be pulled down as it was on “aboriginal land” was told to “F### off you dumb nigger” by the leader from the socialist alliance ( who are being funded by the islamists to carry out the protests) for asking of they could turn down the bull horns they where using as she had sick kids in her care ( a 14 month old and a 3 month old) .

    These so called activists where the most hate filled , hypocritical things i have ever seen , and i used to live at Lakemba near the MOSQUE!!!!
    The lump on my head from being whacked with a pole ( you’ll see where i go down from being hit in the vid) is now finally going down i just wish the headaches would stop , being bashed to prevent filming is also censorship i think , what say you ?

    Islam and their supporters have no place in decent society , as shown in these video’s

    PS Love you work ! go Mami !!!

  2. The sooner Darryn Hinch’s liver fails completely the better for this country – Hinch is as far left a cretin as one is likely to ever find!
    A truly Revolting Imbecile!!

  3. “You don’t have a right to tell Muslim women what to wear…”

    Hynch is, of course, dead wrong apart from being hysterical on that one. The issue is that the Koranimals not only force it on ‘their’ women by threat of death, but they force it on ours as well, for their ‘safety’. Once that is understood, the battle is -almost- won.

    “We will sue as long as you pay the cost”

    An update from Mullah:

    > Hi Sheik,
    > I don’t know why Cigdem Aydemir has offered to drop her case against
    > Sergio Redegalli, but it may be that she has been advised that she will
    > not win, or perhaps her own actions might be put under scrutiny…
    > http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/ban-the-burka-artist-wins-
    > legal-battle/story-e6frg6nf-1226055635499
    > [NSW Legal Aid has written to Redegalli on behalf of the complainant,
    > Cigdem Aydemir, offering to discontinue the proceedings as long as she is
    > not obliged to pay costs. Redegalli says he will agree only if he receives
    > an apology and reimbursement of more than $2000.]
    > Meanwhile, Cigdem exhibited an “artwork” at a “Say No To Disrespect”
    > exhibition in Newtown recently:
    > http://cigdemaydemir.net/
    > http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkzf2d3RQM1qjlbmro1_500.jpg
    > In turn, the “Say No To Disrespect” exhibition was put on by Cross Border
    > Collective (among others)
    > http://www.actnow.com.au/Action/NO_DISRESPECT_Exhibition.aspx
    > The Cross Border Collective, in turn, are the ones who climed onto the
    > Immigration Minister’s electoral office roof recently.
    > http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/protesters-climb-onto-immigration-
    > minister-chris-bowens-roof/story-e6frfku0-1226046742207
    > Protesters climb onto Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s roof
    > [PROTESTERS have climbed onto the roof of Immigration Minister Chris
    > Bowen’s Sydney electoral office.
    > The three members of the Cross Border Collective, a Sydney-based group,
    > are calling for the minister to meet the demands of detainees protesting
    > on a roof at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre.]
    > At a minimum, it shows a double standard, where Sergio is prosecuted for
    > his protest, but those involved in prosecuting him are in turn linked to
    > protestors who go beyond free expression to trespass …
    > Regards, Mullah L.

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