Andrew Bostom: The Muslim Brotherhood

Just in thanks to Vlad Tepes: Andrew Bostom morning radio Jan 31 2011

Are we responsible to feed them?
Tawfid Hamid seems to think so: The US should act quickly to provide the needed foodstuffs.

Australian Muslims demand a Muslim government in Egypt
Of course, of course. Just why are they here when they have important work to do over there?

Muslim uprising demo 2011 Sydney Media coverage
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5 thoughts on “Andrew Bostom: The Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. If they are allowed to denounce democracy and say they want a Caliphate, surely we can hold rallies denouncing Islamic Rule?
    I’m sure most Aussies don’t realise that it means:
    Stoning Adulters
    Chopping of hands and feet of thieves
    Killing of Apostates
    Killing of Homosexuals
    Would that be blasphemy incurring death to those who criticise Sharia??
    Who is this idiot Tawfid Hamid – was he born in Australia, can he be sent back -if he wants to live under sharia, he should go live under it – bet he will love it!!! He is obviously here as a sleeper cell, just waiting for the call of Jihad, spreading his anti-western hatred – why is this group banned in Europe, but not here????

  2. Diane. so we can see the fools for what and who they are. Worthless individuals with their black hearts filled with ignorance fuelled by their religion of hate.

  3. It’s heart warming that these people have integrated so well into the western culture they so despise and are inculcating there children to do likewise ?
    It’s also nice to know who the fifth columnists are too . One can only hope the Oz secret service have now opened a file on each of these seditious cretins

  4. “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”
    That is the motto of Ikhwan.

    If lefty westerners believe the Muslim Brotherhood will bring about peace and democracy in Egypt then I have an almost infinite supply of ass gas for anyone that believes it will.

  5. We need to get as vocal as they are….. They were holding signs “mubarak go home to washington” I’d like to respond with my own sign… Muslims go home to Egypt..STAY THERE!

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