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Is Julia planning more payouts for Habib?

A jihadist bozo is something to be…..

And just when we thought that the government finally settled the score we learn that we may be facing more investigations into Habib’s “torture” claims.

Muselmanic modesty:

RATEPAYERS could be stung up to $45,000 to install curtains at a public pool so Muslim women can have privacy during a female-only exercise classes.  Read more

Dawah and Dhimmitude feast in Sydney

You gotta hand it to them, they are masters of Taqiyya self promotion which is instantly swallowed by the gullible idiots out there. Read more

Bassam Hamzy’s Yuman Rites violated

The accused mastermind of a prison drug syndicate has told a Sydney Court that the Department of Corrective Services is stopping him getting a fair trial. Read more

Jacqui De Lacy loves to spend your money for mosques & madrassas in Indonesia:

For Jacqui ditching AUSAID’S Indonesia would mean an instant loss of a highly paid job, travel allowances and all sorts of other perks.

Poor Jacqui. It is a good feeling being able to spend somebody else’s money and not being truly accountable, isn’t it? Read more

We could put that money to better use:

$290m for asylum-seeker management this year….. Read more

AusAID is nothing else but mafia style protection payout for funding Islamic education.

Ms Bishop, the opposition’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, has told colleagues she is devastated by Mr Abbott’s insistence that the Indonesian program be sacrificed as part of a $1.8 billion savings drive under the Coalition’s alternative plan to the Gillard government’s proposed flood levy. Read more

Greg Sheridan sees Muslim Brotherhood  for what it is

The correspondents in Cairo, understandably caught up in the emotion of the revolt, as well as analysts in the West, desperately determined that the alternative to Mubarak is something nice, have simply closed their eyes to all the evidence about the Muslim Brotherhood. Read more

Australians unknowingly buy livestock slaughtered “in the name of Allah”

Opening up a new political faultline, former immigration minister Kevin Andrews lashed out at political leaders who failed to speak out on the rise of extreme Islam, claiming the silence contributes to the rise of One Nation-type movements. Read more

7 thoughts on “Australia”

  1. The Honourable Prime Minister and
    The Honourable Minister of Immigration,


    I realize you are very busy with a difficult Job, in this time of International turmoil. I sincerely feel a need to put some item of info before you, to assist your evaluation on cultural Immigration.

    The following item shows the mind set of Mohammed, as the core basis of Islam.

    This was compiled by the scribe Ishaq, the first and only one to compile the sayings of the illiterate Mohammed in his lifetime.

    Ishaq: 676

    Asma bent Markam, a literate women and poet, chastised her tribes men for their activities under Mohammed.
    “Mohammed asks will no one rid me of this woman? Umayr, a zealous Muslim, decided to execute the Prophet’s wishes.
    That very night he crept into the writer’s home while she lay sleeping, surrounded by her young children. There was one on her breast. Umayr removed the suckling babe and then plunged his sword into the poet.
    The next morning in the mosque, Mohammed who was aware of the assassination, said, “You have helped Allah and his Apostle.” Umayr said, “She had five sons should I feel guilty?” “No” the Prophet answered, “Killing her was as meaningless as two goats butting their heads.”

    I can give you a very large number of such incidences in Mohammed’s life written by the Muslim Chroniclers. Compare this to Jesus’ or Buddha’s mind set and development. This mentality is the core of Islam, as he is revered by them as the most noble of all men.
    Upon your shoulders is the responsibility of keeping our country safe and functional as a Democracy. Islam and Democracy are diametrically opposite in processes.
    check the “Ban Islam” petition:

  2. Part of an email sent to COLES
    phone: COLES:
    1800 061 562
    Between 8:30am – 6pm weekdays and Saturday 8am – 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)
    or email:

    To Ian McCloud,
    I’d like your feedback on the following issues’
    I have shopped at Bi-Low and Coles for many years, I am angry that I’ve unknowingly been buying unlabeled Halal barbarically slaughtered certified meat,
    How long have you been putting unlabeled halal meat out for your unsuspecting customers?(introducing sharia by stealth)
    I would guess that you know sales would plummet if you did label your products as halal.
    What is your policy on sharia? and why are you enabling it at the expense of all Australians who are not moslems?
    Jews have a similar practice to Muslims, which they call “kosher” but they will not eat each other’s foods. Kosher is, however, practiced on a much smaller scale and it does not restrict consumer choices or affect prices significantly. Muslims cannot consume meat that is sacrificed in the name of any deity or idol other than their Islamic god named Allah. so why are 98% Australians being covertly force fed meat that has been sacrificed in the name of a god and an ideology that we want no part of?
    Muslims have the right, in terms of the Australian constitution, to practice their religion and to eat halal if they so wish.
    The constitution does not, however, allow any religion to impose its laws on others, as in the case of halal (Muslims are, after all, a very small minority, yet every household in AUSTRALIA consumes halal).
    Why should we be forced to have food blessed by any faiths? Perhaps its time all food manufacturers label their foods “religious” & “non-religious” so we at least get an informed choice.

    awaiting your response.

    Speak up Australians – it is your Constitutional Right to not have religion imposed upon you.

  3. And we dont know if the poor animals have been raped beforehand either. It is allowed you know. How do we know what we are eating. Better bo be a vegan in times like these.

  4. Not about Halal goods.

    However it is about Australia.

    Today we are witnessing burial rites for muslims who were invading our country. Yes, they were invading our country. Another country may shoot invaders.

    our government is paying for families to attend funeral services. Flying 26 of them in from Christmas Island. I am wondering if any of the families of Australians who had loved ones murdered on Bali or Jakarta were flown free gratis. We were holiday makers in Bali, burned alive, by Indonesian terrorists. BUT, WE HAD PAID OUR WAY. Has Indonesia compensated our people? WE SURELY GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY.

    Many of the members of the families who lost their lives trying to invade our country were already living in Australia as I am presently listening to ABC 24 who is having a big coverage of it. These family members may have helped arranged their boat, so presumably they are complicit in the deaths of those family members.

    Now they cry for help from our pockets. I have lost many family members, decent Australians who fought for Australia, our family never go nor expected a handout for burying our own. Nor would we want it. IT is a family matter and should not be made a focal point of this day.

    Queenslanders at this very moment are being hasseled by Insurance Companies about their flood insurance payment. They have been slushing around in muddy stinking houses which are so uncomfortable and have been like it for five weeks now. How about a fair go for Australians.


  5. “The Punch” – part of News Limited:

    We should fund Islamic schools for our own good
    Tory Shepherd

    [Public money should not be spent on promoting religion. … … Except in Indonesia. ]

    [If we don’t support the teaching of moderate Islam, extreme Islam will quickly fill the vacuum.]

    * and so it goes – support the “moderates” against the “extremists” and other nonsense.

  6. Three (??) people from Sydney signed a petition calling for a moratorium on muslim immigration, and … the senator tabling the petition will meet local muslims to allay their concerns.

    [Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has backed ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries, who tabled a petition calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

    The petition, signed by three people in Sydney, calls for a review of immigration policy be undertaken to ensure priority is given to Christians.]

    [Senator Humphries says he will meet local Muslims to allay their concerns. ]


  7. @ catherine Gleeson… Good on you..You took the sentiments right out of my mind….BALI…my nieces husband was blown up in Bali…Paddy’s bar…he survived. My brother in-law died over in Western Australia, I could not afford to go to his funeral.
    I stopped eating red meat nearly 2 years ago but for health & ethical reasons and …and if I hadnt, I would stop now. I see so many meat shops now advertising halal meat and I feel like we are losing ground as far as trying to stop muslim immigration…even if we stopped now, they are still outbreeding us and they will not change their mindset. It is very few who convert to Christianity. Even 2nd gen muslims are just as bad…they hate just like their parents, with very few exceptions. I personally know 1 female who has muslim parents and she hates the misogyny of the men and the non rights of females.
    The boat people who drowned…well they knew the risks, and as for the 8 month old baby that drowned, yes very sad that a baby dies …the relatives here in the community and others already in detention centres, sorry, not much sympathy from me…I am however, incensed that all that money was spent to appease them.

    Usually I take offence at the use of expletive language being used in public forums, but on this matter, and your last sentence I have to say….I fully agree with your sentiments and I could not have said it better myself.
    We women, if we rode motor bikes we would have to take our helmets off to go into banks etc….for security reasons…if we want to go to a leisure centre, do we get private areas curtained off to protect us from any would be perverts?
    I am so sick of this darn muslim issue I want to scream it out in the middle of a shopping centre. As for the word…multicultural…that is the biggest crock of crap i have ever had to deal with.
    I could go on and on, but I will burst a blood vessel if i do…I need to go make a cuppa to calm down.
    As usual Sheik, good articles, and good comments.

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