Gaddafi on the run?

Andrew Bolt:

Gaddafi loses Benghazi, and rumors that he’s fled

Libyan Army Deffecting – Protesters Armed To The Teeth!

Colonel Gaddafi, the clown prince of terror, seems to have lost control of his second-biggest city – if not his power:

Anti-government protests are taking place in Libya’s capital Tripoli for the first time since the uprising against leader Colonel Gaddafi began.

Eyewitnesses in the centre of the city have reported hearing gunshots and seeing burning vehicles as thousands of pro and anti-regime demonstrators clash.

The North African country has seen days of unrest as protesters, spurred on by the revolutions in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia, call for Gaddafi to step down after 40 years.

Much of the violence has so far centred on the second city of Benghazi in the northeast of Libya where at least 200 people are believed to have been killed… Earlier, members of a Libyan army unit told Benghazi residents they have defected and “liberated” the city from pro-Gaddafi forces.

A Libyan ambassador quits and claims Gaddafi has fled the country:

Al Jazeera says Libya’s ambassador to China, Hussein Sadiq al Musrati, resigned on air with Al Jazeera Arabic.

He reportedly called on the army to intervene, and has called all diplomatic staff to resign, the site said.


With Gaddafi shooting his poeple to stay in power, it’s time to remember how the United Nations dealt last year with the dictator:

LIBYA was elected overnight to the United Nations Human Rights Council despite numerous complaints that the country was unfit to serve on the international rights body… But the appeal fell on deaf ears, and a General Assembly secret ballot produced 155 votes in favor of adding Libya to the council, significantly more than the 97 votes needed.

He said a gunfight between Mr Gaddafi’s sons occurred and also claimed that Mr Gaddafi may have left Libya.

Al Jazeera has no confirmation of these claims.

Meanwhile, more demonstrations against the Syrian dicatorship, too, but with protestors chanting not “democracy” but “Allah”:

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5 thoughts on “Gaddafi on the run?”

  1. This is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. The next phase, which will also be the last phase will be the emergence of the man of sin, the anti-christ. Thank God this evil man’s reign will only last for 7 years after which the God of Heaven and earth will crush this wicked, evil man and his army, forever.

  2. Poor ole Daffy probably thought he would never get whacked again after Obabami came on the scene! This must come as a bigger shock than Ronnie Regans handiwork!

    He gunna run to the Saudies too?

  3. We have always had anti Christ’s – in fact I think I have met a few of them. Most of them were Muslim. Islam is the AntiChrist in our time.

    Put simply, it is the evil in all mankind. Gadfly has run off and like all cowards, forgot some of his gold booty. What a jerk off.

    He really should do something about his heavy make up. Recently, we have seen his lipstick applied too liberally and after a late night his mascara becomes very runny. He is a little too old to be a Bacchi Boy so why the make up? As you called him “a clown” describes him best.

  4. Gaddifi is ‘techically’ Jewish.

    Therefore if he chose to choose Israel to run to..I srael has no option but to take him, under the law of “Right of return”

    G-d help us all. !

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