Glenn Beck Show: Do Your Own Homework!

February 11, 2001

Tonight: People are starting to call Glenn “crazy” everywhere due to his recent theory on Egypt..not just on the left, but even on the right. But just how many times has Glenn been right in the past?

Well, tonight Glenn starts the show by naming just a few of them. Glenn encourages readers to do their own homework every night. That way, you can decide whether he is ‘crazy’, or if there really is some truth to what he is saying. You can read all of the facts and research used by Glenn and his staff by clicking on the links each night under the show video here or you can go to

We also have Urban Infidel’s exclusive interview with ex CIA spook Michael Scheuer, here

13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Show: Do Your Own Homework!”


    No Bibliography.
    No Islamic scripture.
    No Christian doctrine.
    No St. John Damascene.
    No Ibn Warraq.
    There is no “homework” to do.
    One is counseled only to watch, watch, watch. … … … , not read, think, read, think.

    Better than Beck:
    Gates of Vienna.
    Creeping Sharia.
    Atlas Shrugs/Jihad Watch.
    Answering Muslims.
    Answering Islam.

    Braver than Beck:
    Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
    Geert Wilders
    Lars Vilks
    Theo Van Gogh
    Salman Rushdie
    Christians surrounded by Muslim majorities.
    The Amadi who were so brutally killed this week in Indonesia.

    Glenn Beck cannot hold a candle to any of them.

    1. Look, eib: that’s all wonderful, but don’t you see that we are confined and restricted by and to the internet?

      GB is the ONLY ONE who’s had the guts to bring it out in the open. He does reach millions, on FOX. I wanna puke when I hear the noise of FOX, but its still light-years ahead of the caliphate networx.

      Don’t think for one moment that we are a GB fan club here. I will never forgive him for calling Geert Wilders a “racist”. But he reaches more people than all of us combined. Every little bit counts!

      GB is important. He -finally- plays his part, together we will be able to beat our enemies. Its no use to find faults with one guy when we can only win our audience when the whole orchestra plays together as one.

  2. You’re right, every bit does indeed count. What I don’t like about Beck is the use of CT thinking and the association of things that seems to me and so many others, irrational.
    I also don’t like messages that inculcate fear in the public. The last thing we need is to have people scared out of their wits.
    To defeat the onslaught of Islam into Western culture requires courage, not fear. And a kind of courage that is far from momentary.
    Beck creates hysteria, and right now, hysteria is as grave an enemy as Islam, the left, socialism, marxism, labor unions, national debt, etc. because it makes people stand still, fear makes people freeze up.

    1. Does Beck’s message make you hysterical? Do you know anyone who gets hysterical over Glenn Beck’s show?

      I happen to get hysterical over the cowardice and the deceit by the enemedia, by the ignorance and stupidity of the Alan Colmses, by the likes of Ammanwhore, by ignorant blowboys like Bill O’Reilly and the all the other garbage mixed in with what once was called news reporting.

      A guy who plays teacher and connects the dots is hardly the type to make people hysterical.

  3. Most of the people I know think Beck should be committed.
    They think he’s insane.
    They think he’s manipulative.
    And they also hear nothing but apocalyptic hysteria out of him.
    I don’t need CT thinking or the damned apocalypse. If you think you are in the End Times, you are not going to fight Islam.
    You will submit.

    I gave up watching the MSM years ago. Most of my news comes from a rather frustrated scouoring of the internet. I favor transcripts over videos.
    I don’t want to hear voices or see faces– because I’ve had it with the seduction of images and voices.
    If I am to decipher communication, I will do so without the help of pictures, crawls and smooth-talking.

    1. I think Tingles should be committed.

      I think Couric should be arrested and tried for treason and sedition, like these guys here.

      There are a lot more like them, like Ed Schultz, or Cenk Uygur, Fareed Zakaria and all the other infil-traitors who need to be tried for subversion or locked up in Gitmo for promoting the Islamic agenda.

      No, GB is not in that category.

  4. Quote:
    Now, people are more than entitled to their own opinions of how best to accomplish that democratic end. And it’s a sign of health that a political and intellectual movement does not respond to a complicated set of developments with one voice.

    But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.

    Nor is it a sign of health when other American conservatives are so fearful of a popular awakening that they side with the dictator against the democrats. Rather, it’s a sign of fearfulness unworthy of Americans, of short-sightedness uncharacteristic of conservatives, of excuse-making for thuggery unworthy of the American conservative tradition.
    end quote.

  5. Kudos to Glenn Beck for tackling the subject of islam and for being able to connect with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of naive viewers who have no idea what threatens them. Few advocates of the counter-jihad are able to claim a viewership as large as his.

    I particularly like that he tells people to do their own research, to not believe him and find out for themselves.

    Back in the Yahoo heydays there were what I thought were “islam bashers” always spouting what I thought was “bigoted garbage” about islam & muslims at every turn, so I decided I was going to educate myself so i could debate those “losers” and put them in their place. So, I did my own research and guess what? I converted myself. I soon joined the ranks of the “islam bashers” now called “Truth tellers”because I could not ignore the facts when I did my own “homework” .

    Hopefully, thanks to Glen & others many people will be converted by their homework and the facts.

  6. EIB looks to me as just the sort of hysterical bigot he complains that Beck is . If beck is OTT then EIB is OTT and far away.

  7. Hey Folks,
    Let’s not fight amongst ourseleves.We need to stand together,not divide and be trounced. The Leftards are masters at name calling and hysteria,that’s how they manipulate the Sheeple. One leftarded scumbag said the guy who shot the senator, was a Right Wing Nut,and practically the whole world wanted to hang Palin.
    Now that’s hysterical!

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