Italy: Muslims Arrested For Practicing Their Religion

One could really get the idea that terror is part of their religion:

Three Moroccans arrested in ‘terror probe’

Imam, son and other man accused of ‘training recruits’

(ANSA) –(thanks to TROP)

Catanzaro, January 31 – Three Moroccans including a Muslim cleric and his son were arrested in Calabria Monday on suspicion of training recruits for international terrorism, Italian police said.

The imam of Sellia Marina, a small Ionian coast town between Catanzaro and Crotone, was arrested at his home with his son. The third arrestee is part of the Moroccan community of Lamezia Terme near the Tyrrhenian coast of southern Calabria, police said.

Police say the three used the Internet to get and send “multimedia documents about arms and explosives training” as well as software that “could be used to sabotage computer systems”.

The homes of a further nine individuals were searched.

The sweep came at the end of a “complex” probe carried out by Digos security police and Italy’s postal police, judicial sources said.  A fourth man was arrested for drugs possession after some marijuana and a scale were found in his house.

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  1. Muslims,
    although no one has commented here you can be certain that this article has been read – and understood for what it really means – by many. You however, are conspicuous by your silence.

  2. Is anyone else tired of the mantra that Islam is a “peaceful religion”? Muslims are liars! They infiltrate peaceably and then when they gain large numbers in the society, they begin to demand special rights and try to destroy the religious freedom of Christains and others. They have hatred for Christians and Jews and that’s because it is a religion straight from hell. Satan hates Christians and Jews because these religions are of the TRUE and living God and Satan hates them.

  3. There’s going to be a lot more muslims coming here to Australia. Juliar has just announced of a deal involving Malaysia that will see an additional 4000 refugees coming to Australia and Malaysia will get 800. If they’re all muslims they all should be sent to Malaysia. We can accept Christians refugees from muslim countries, but not muslims.

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