Libya: Hundreds Massacred


Members of Libyan Military Defect & Liberate Benghazi – Protests Spead to Tripoli

Members of the Libyan military defected today and liberated the people of Benghazi.

SKY News reported:

Members of a Libyan army unit have told Benghazi residents they have defected and “liberated” the city from pro-Gaddafi forces.

More… Protests spread to Tripoli today for the first time. The Guardian reported via GWP.

Check out Pamela for the Obama connection:

Libya is Slaughtering Innocent Civilians, Hundreds Massacred

The Middle East is aflame, yet nowhere is human life being trampled with more brutality, more victims, and more secrecy than in Libya. In the past few days, hundreds of peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders were deliberately shot and killed by government snipers and foreign mercenaries.

Stop Libya From Murdering Innocent Civilians UN Watch

Picture of the Week

While Muslim protesters are shot on the street by Muslim governments in Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Albania, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Gaza, Bahrain, Iran and elsewhere, Arabs in Israel enjoy a day at the beach (ROP)

From the Religion of Peace:

Your daily Islam lesson:

“Mohammed is Allah’s apostle.  Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

Quote of the week:

People who want you to believe that multiculturalism has failed in Europe but succeeded in Australia  would have you believe that Socialism failed in Eastern Europe but succeeded in North Korea.


“Chill out, give them time, in generations to come it will all be irrelevant as the younger generations will only see themselves as Aussies”.


Chris Uhlmann’s “Deep Divisions”

Now the Prime Minister Joolia Gillard is demanding that Opposition leader Tony Abbott distance himself from comments attributed to his immigration Scott Morrison that the Coalition go on the attack over Muslim immigration. Mr Morrison denies he made the comments in shadow cabinet. Tony Abbott has publicly recommitted the Coalition to a non-discriminatory immigration policy.  (More from Chris Uhlmann )


Egypt’s Copts march to demand a secular state

Hundreds of Coptic Christians protested in front of the State Television building on Sunday to call for the amendment of Egypt’s Constitution to establish a secular state. (Vlad Tepes)

Libya Islamists ‘seize arms, take hostages’

TRIPOLI – Islamist gunmen have stormed a military arms depot in Libya and a nearby port and seized numerous weapons and army vehicles after killing four soldiers, a security official said on Sunday. From Middle-East-Online

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  1. While Muslim protesters are shot on the street by Muslim governments in Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Albania, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Gaza, Bahrain, Iran and elsewhere, Arabs in Israel enjoy a day at the beach

    While ME governments are murdering theor citizens, guwess what is the most important agenda in the UN?


    Israel building apartments for their citizens in israel.

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