Nuclear Beggars, Killers & Parasites

Starving N. Korea begs for food, but U.S. has concerns about resuming aid (WaPo)

When are the ‘children of the revolution’ coming to North Korea?

TOKYO - North Korea recently took the unusual step of begging for food handouts from the foreign governments it usually threatens.  (WaPo)

Abbas: $460 million in US aid “does not mean they dictate to us whatever they want”

Mahmoud Abbas: “The US is assisting us in the amount of $460 million annually. This does not mean that they dictate to us whatever they want, because we do what we view as beneficial to our cause. I recall that they said, ‘Don’t go to the Arab Summit in Damascus,’ but we went. They demanded that we should not sign the Egyptian reconciliation document [between Fatah and Hamas], but we sent Azzam Al-Ahmed to sign it.”  (Source)

Return our sphinx or else, Turkey tells Germany

BERLIN – Turkey’s culture minister on Thursday demanded Germany return an ancient sphinx uncovered from a German archeological dig nearly a century ago or it would revoke permits for other excavations. (source)

Cameron sells the weapons that kill our soldiers:

Cameron defends Gulf arms sales: British PM backs presence of arms companies accompanying him on tour of Middle East, during interview with Al Jazeera.

Cameron can’t answer why Turkey should be in the EU:

Why does David Cameron want Turkey into the EUSSR SO badly? Notice that Cameron cannot give a straight answer on this. (Vlad)

Tens Of Thousands March In Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan

In Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, and the main southern city of Aden, tens of thousands demonstrated to demand that veteran President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down. Daily clashes have killed 15 people and wounded scores in the country this month. (Radio Liberty)

Not Your American Dream:  Poverty for All in the Name of  “Social Justice”

Blaze Exclusive: International Socialists Orchestrate Unions‘ Rally to ’Save the American Dream’

The rally has actually been organized by the International Socialist Organization.

Trumpka calls for death by taxation:


AFL-CIO Boss: Raising Taxes is ‘Best Way’ to Create Jobs Politics

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  1. Perhaps the North Koreans should learn reproductive responsibility for starters. After that they can decide if they choose food & democracy or starvation & a short, mad little dictator/

  2. I swear these union bullies will do anything for money, power & control. Time to call the insect exterminators.

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