Slick Willie, "President of the World"

MSNBC: ‘President of the World’

Tingles is beside himself:

President of the Third world. The man was a disgrace to the country. Who will have him?

Limbaugh: ‘Pharaoh Obama’ Had His ‘Egypt Moment’

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh Monday predicted that the Obama administration “can’t wait to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood” as an international partner:  Pharoahs don’t bow to Saudi despots. Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood‘s boy and Soros’ boy. He is our “boy in chief”

Entire Middle East Might Will Go Islamofascist (Moonbattery)

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It isn’t just Egypt — with its control of the critical Suez canal — that we stand to lose while Obama partiesand Shrillary vacillates incoherently. The entire Middle East may be ready to go up in flames.

In addition to Egypt, the pot is boiling over in Tunisia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Sudan.

With the Moonbat Messiah at the helm, America is the weak horse Osama bin Laden warned us Arabswouldn’t back. Any regime suspected of not being sufficiently hostile to the USA stands a good chance of being replaced by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the coming weeks.

Even this unfolding catastrophe has a silver lining: at least the government will let us drill our own oil, once the Muslim supply has been shut off. If it doesn’t, the Obama Misadministration will walk its last mile in Hosni Mubarak’s shoes.

But wait — Comrade Obama is showing some leadership after all. Look what he’s just dispatched to the Middle East:

Shocker: Muslim Brotherhood “mutes its religious message” during protests

Something to hide? Yes, for now. The appearance of moderation is a means to an end. After all, “war is deceit.” More on this story. “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood mutes its religious message for protests,” by Jeffrey Fleishman for the Los Angeles Times, January 31/JW>>>

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  1. A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show put it all in perspective . An estimation of the numbers of people on the streets in Egypt puts them at 0.3 % of the population and the Obambi REGIME echoed of course by the Lame Stream EneMedia and the moonbats say “we must listen to the people”. However when 80% of Americans were and still are AGAINST ObambiCare the REGIME and the moonbats forced it down their throats to the resounding cheers of the EneMedia.
    So yet ANOTHER example of the contempt with which Obambi the moonbats and the EneMedia regard the American people and the obsequious crawling to which Obambi and the REGIME will do for the Mohammedans

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