The Plight of Christians Under Islam

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Shocker: “Afghan rights fall short for Christian converts”

Nothing should be surprising about this. It is built into the Afghan constitution.

Sharia is the law of the land and has the last word in defining the limits on the practice of other religions. And Sharia forbids conversion out of Islam. Muhammad himself prescribed death for apostates.


Egypt: Bomb detonated in empty Christian church

A warning shot. Will they face additional threats when they try to rebuild? “Officials: Bomb detonated in empty church in Egypt…”

WaPo notices that Coptic Christians in Egypt are fearing the advent of a Muslim Brotherhood regime

The problem is, you guessed it: “extremism, not Islam.”


Somalia: Islamic supremacists confiscate Christian farms

“Five of the farms were owned by Somali Christian converts from Islam,” who have now fled and are in hiding, no doubt because of Islam’s death penalty for apostates.


Ethiopian Christians Forcibly Converted to Islam… (TROP)

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