"To know me is to love me"

Typical Muslim:

Obama to O’Reilly: “People who hate me don’t know me”

I believe him when he pays my mortgage and puts gas in my car……

“The people who dislike you don’t know you. The folks who hate you, they don’t know you,” -“What they hate is whatever funhouse mirror image of you that’s out there. They don’t know you.”

I think we know more than enough. We just have to bring it out in the open so we can shake him out of his tree. The arrogant moron has done enough damage……

Dirty little Muslim putz spits venom against FOX

Birds of a feather…. (or just vultures?)

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Wants to Put Fox News ‘Back in the Cave They Came From’

In an interview with AlterNet’s Don Hazen on Tuesday, MSNBC host Cenk Uygur slammed Fox News and bragged how he would take them on in the ratings: “For so long, they have controlled the national conversation….I want to drain them of that power. I want to put them back in the cave they came from….I also plan to beat them in the ratings and make them fear me.” Read More

Dumb, just dumb:

Lawrence O’Donnell in Heated Debate About Obama’s Religion Asks Congressman ‘How Do We Know You’re Not A Muslim?’

“Willie Clitman Was the Best, Evah!”

This is a guy who never met a commie dictator he wouldn’t like to go to bed with….

TinglesTrumpets: We’ve Never Had A World Leader Like Bill Clinton Before!

“Other American presidents have done things before, after leaving office, but nothing on this level or planetary scope” and glorified: “We’ve never had a world leader like this before!” The MSNBC ad for the documentary, entitled Bill Clinton: President of the World….   Read more: Newsbusters

3 thoughts on “"To know me is to love me"”

  1. I think Dennis Miller should have interviewed this arse clown, he gave O’Reilly what for in an interview with him today, saying amongst other things, it seemed to him that it was important to O’Reilly that Hussein like him rather than ask some hard questions (for a change)

  2. http://www.dp-news.com/pages/detail.aspx?l=2&articleId=73736

    US State Department Creates Arabic Twitter Account
    “USA bilAraby,”
    (Dp-news – AP)

    WASHINGTON- The Twitter account is “USA bilAraby,” which means “USA in Arabic.” It had 40 followers within hours of appearing.
    The State Department has begun sending Twitter messages in Arabic. State Department is hoping to widen the audience for its mini-pronouncements of U.S. policy amid growing unrest in the Middle East,

    The department’s first entry into Arabic language micro-blogging appeared on Twitter early Wednesday. It’s a post saying that Washington recognizes the “historic role” of social media in the Arab world. “We want to be in your conversation,” it said.

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