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Muslimah: Penis Size Matters…

Shamima explained that in her view, some sizes of sex organs do really matter….

Boy Shot to Death Trying to Escape Forced Prayers…

The deceased boy who was identified as UURAAL and his friend were forced to pray a mosque and when they tried to escape from the scene Al shabaab fighters opened fire on them.

Young Boy has Hand Cut Off for Theft…

The young boy was only accused of stealing money and the ones who also blamed the boy to the case was not present at the scene where Shabab was performing the cutting hand, reports said.

(US) 19-Year-Old Muslim Threatens Columbine-Style Shooting…

DETROIT — A Dearborn (Musel-)man was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to carry out a Columbine-style attack at Wayne State University.

Richard Dawkins: Islam ‘One of the Great Evils’…

For him Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism are  the other evils in his world……

UK Mosque Threatens to Sue PM

A MOSQUE is threatening to sue the Prime Minister after he suggested worshippers there believed 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy.

Not sure if David Cameron’s answer was “go ahead, make my day…”

Cleric Urged Would-Be Bomber to ‘Sell Soul to Allah’…

Infuriating that these degenerated mullah bastards never blow themselves to Allah….

Indonesia Requires Picture of Pig on All Pork Products…

‘They Tied Her Legs and Started Lashing Her Continuously’…

(Musel-) Man Burns Wife with Acid in Front of Children…

Picture of the Week

A delighted crowd of Indonesian Sunnis shout praises to Allah as an Ahmadi religious minority gets schooled on Islamic tolerance in what has been called the “world’s most moderate Muslim country” (during Interfaith Week, no less).

British foreign secretary William Hague calls Israel  ‘Belligerent’ – “Israel should tame its rhetoric”

Melanie Phillips is right onto him:

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

I have previously noted (here, here and here) that the Cameron government is shaping up to be one of the most hostile towards Israel in living memory. David Cameron himself and Foreign Secretary William Hague have consistently treated Hamas propaganda about casualty figures in any war with Israel as reliable, even though they are invariably a pack of lies, and have furthermore astoundingly replicated the Arab strategy of turning Israeli self-defence into aggression at every opportunity. While he was in opposition, Hague infamously condemned Israel’s behaviour during the 2006 war in Lebanon as ‘disproportionate’; Cameron himself condemned Israel for its ‘attack’ on the Turkish terrorist boat the Mavi Marmara and designated Gaza a ‘prison camp’.

Now Hague is at it again. With the Arab world convulsed by the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt and with the acute danger that such instability will result in the region lurching even further into Islamic theocratic tyranny, the British Foreign Secretary’s response is – to bash Israel. Never mind that the uproar in Egypt and Tunisia, along with the nervousness in Jordan and Saudi Arabia that their regimes may also be swept away by rising extremism, demonstrates the utter absurdity of the claim that regional tranquillity depends on resolving the issue of ‘Palestine’. Hague makes a point of declaring that the casualty of the unrest will be… the Middle East peace process.

Never mind that this process has stalled because Abbas and co won’t even negotiate. Never mind that even these so-called ‘moderates’ insist they will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, and thus refuse to renounce their nine-decade long war of extermination against the Jewish presence in the land. Never mind that they continue to incite their people and their children to hate Jews and murder Israelis. Hague knows that Israel is to blame. As the Times(£) reports:

The Middle East peace process is in danger of becoming a casualty of the revolutionary tidal wave sweeping the Arab world, and Israel is putting itself at risk by failing to compromise, William Hague told The Times yesterday. Speaking on an emergency peace mission covering five countries in three days, the Foreign Secretary issued a blunt instruction to Israel to tone down the belligerent language used by Binyamin Netanyahu, its Prime Minister, since the uprising and protests, which have spread from Tunisia to Egypt and beyond.

… Mr Hague responded to increasingly militaristic pronouncements by Mr Netanyahu, who has been urging his nation to prepare for ‘any outcome’ and vowing to ‘reinforce the might of the state of Israel’. The Foreign Secretary said: ‘This should not be a time for belligerent language. It’s a time to inject greater urgency into the Middle East peace process.’

Belligerent? Israel is currently petrified that, if Islamists come to power in Egypt and tear up its 30-year old peace treaty as the Muslim Brothers have said they will do, it will face the nightmare of a renewed threat of war from the south as well as from Iran/Hezbollah in the north and Iran/Hamas in Gaza. It will be thus encircled by truly ‘belligerent ‘ enemies. It will have to turn its entire military and strategic thinking upside down in order to defend itself against such a grim prospect – and yes, of course it will have to reinforce its defences. Even more young Israelis will have to be called up to army service and face the risk of death to prevent their country from being wiped off the map. For William Hague to represent the warnings by Israel’s Prime Minister that his country must now prepare itself for this terrifying eventuality as ‘belligerency’ is simply obscene.

Let us hear no more nauseating hypocrisy from Cameron or Hague about how they are Israel’s staunch allies. With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies

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  1. please if u are muslim dont show this picture one with the pig on astagfirullah if u are non muslim you are rasist 🙁 im gonna report you to the government

  2. in the name of allah .
    hey why do you do this kind of things i am muslim and i am so angry if you have a point keep it for yourself and you made a site about dirtying the picture of islam i just want you to stop this and just take the picture of the pig whatever do you think you can Distortion islam by doing this islam is a religion that allah will protect and will never end till the last day .

  3. @muslim

    Who cares if you are angry. Grow up you big baby.

    It is called freedom of speech.

    If I have to put up with a peasant class of muslims waving signs stating, that I will be beheaded if I do not submit to Islam. Then that means if the sheik puts an image of a pig up, in the name of tolerance you have to live with the image of a pig and if you have “a point keep it for yourself”.

    The only people who dirty Islam are your vile, murderous, cowardly brethren.

    There is no distortion here only the truth. And yes it is ugly, just like Islam.

    Keep the picture sheik, but maybe make it bigger.

  4. Excuse me hill,
    We said nothing about your religion, and u…. Keep saying bad words about our religion Islam!
    My friend he is a non Muslim he told me that he had sex with his sister.
    And he also showed me the pictures so I can trust him.
    So it’s not us who make islam dirty, it’s u guys that do dirty stuff and blame it on us. Iam not saying it’s all of u but it is some of u guys that blames us for your action. It was just 13 Muslims that have done 9/11 not all of Muslims.

  5. Muhammed,
    You are a typical muslim piece of s___. I doubt very much that your friend even exists. What makes islam dirty is what muslims do – you know – rape and murder and then pretend that they have done nothing wrong. Non-muslims do NOT do “dirty-stuff” and blame it on muslims. Rather it is muslims who do “dirty-stuff” and then pretend that they have done nothing wrong. How many mosuqes have suffered arson attacks that have been traced back to muslims who are trying to incide governments to clamp down on critiscm of your evil philosophy – it is not a religion. You are either a moron or completely illerate, because every news outlet shows more than enough evidence that muslims are evil and intolerant scum. The evil that is IS is not an aboration – it is islam in action – the real islam. Do write here again, so that you can demonstrate your stupidity and ignorance to the entire world.

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