Tunisia: Jihadists murder Catholic priest

Brave mujaheddin slit the throat of a Polish priest:

“‘These extremists are taking advantage of an exceptional situation to disturb national security and plunge our country into violence,’ the ministry statement said.

It did not say what form of extremism it suspected.” Militant Christian fundamentalists, no doubt.

“Polish priest killed by Tunisian extremists,”” from Reuters, February 18 (thanks to JW)

Not “extremists”. Just Muslims who take their religion seriously. More below the fold.

CRACKDOWN IN BAHRAIN – Regime Rolls in Tanks; Crushes Protest Camp (Video) …Update: Saudi Tanks?

Army patrols and tanks locked down the capital of Bahrain today after riot police swinging clubs and firing tear gas smashed into demonstrators.

The Shia majority vowed to topple the Sunni regime earlier this week.
Maybe not. Voice of America reported…

25 Killed in Libyan Protests; Qaddafi Regime Sends Mass Text Message Warning “Live Bullets Will Be Fired”

Brutal totalitarianism on full display as the citizens of Libya rise up to protest against the 41 year reign of Muammar Qaddafi.  25 people were reportedly killed today during protests.

Sources from northeastern city of Benghazi told the German Press Agency dpa that 25 protesters were killed there Friday. There was no independent or official confirmation.

Yesterday it was reported that 19 people were killed and many of them were killed by snipers of Libya’s internal security force.Bloomberg reported>>>


Polish Priest Beheaded

TUNIS (Reuters) – A Polish priest was murdered in the Tunisian capital Friday, state media cited the Interior Ministry as saying, the latest sign of rising religious tension since last month’s revolution.

Mark Marios Rebaski was found dead at the School of Our Lady in Manouba where he worked, Tunisia Africa Press reported. His throat had been cut.

“The Ministry of the Interior condemns this act and regrets the death. Based on results of the preliminary investigation, including the method of assassination, it believes a group of terrorist fascists with extremist tendencies was behind this crime,” it said.

Protests against the authorities swelled into a popular revolt last month that created turmoil in Tunisia, forced President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia and encouraged a similar revolution in Egypt.

Ben Ali, who took power in predominantly Muslim Tunisia in 1987, had cracked down on the Islamist movement and political opponents and was seen by many as an oppressive ruler. Elections to replace him are expected by July or August.

“These extremists are taking advantage of an exceptional situation to disturb national security and plunge our country into violence,” the ministry statement said. It did not say what form of extremism it suspected.

6 thoughts on “Tunisia: Jihadists murder Catholic priest”

  1. Surely they are not killing Christians they are all freedom loving DEMOCRATS after all thats what Obambi and his Regime and the moonbats and the sycophantic Lame Stream EneMedia have been telling us.

  2. What I cannot understand it; why are they protesting in Bahrain.
    Bahrainis enjoy a freer lifestyle than Egyptians ever dreamt of.
    They are well-educated, women can drive and are equals to men.
    Their lifestyles are pretty good and mostly supported by Saudi oil money. So why the revolt?
    I suspect it is MB/Hezbollah tactics once again. The Muslim Broterhood and the shia muslims want to topple governments in the region and replace them with theocratic regimes similar to Iran’s.
    Once the entire middle east has fallen then the bombing and holocaust on Israel’s Jewish population may begin and there will be no country in the region to stop them.

    1. What I cannot understand it; why are they protesting in Bahrain.

      A moderate Muslim is not a Muslim.

      You answered your own question. This is about Islam, and Islam must dominate.

      women can drive and are equals to men?

      That’s not in the Koran or in the hadith.

  3. Tunisia facing “potential explosion of a form of Islam that does not seem to be moderate at all”

    I tried to tell you. “Tunisia: Country Fears Spread Of Fundamentalism,” from ANSAmed, April 20 (thanks to JW):

    (ANSAmed) – TUNIS, APRIL 20 – Tunisia is fighting a political and ideological battle at the same time, about the State’s secularity. Everybody seems to agree on the issue, at least in words, but there are some hardly visible developments that are reason for concern.
    It doesn’t take much to get the attention and to worry most Tunisians – and not only the young people – who thought that everything would change for the better after the ‘Jasmine revolution’. But now that [sic] are faced with the potential explosion of a form of Islam that does not seem to be moderate at all, with which the religious parties are flirting while they are making preparations for a long electoral season.

    A young man from the outskirts who created a group of other young people around him, speaking a language drenched in piety is even seen as a potential threat in the eyes of the entire country. The person in question is the self-proclaimed ’emir el Muminin”, meaning ”prince of believers”, who is active in the Ras Jedir region, nowadays well-known for its border crossing where hundreds of thousands of refugees from Libya entered the country, with all problems caused by this situation, including security and public order issues.

    People fear that the ‘prince’ wants to establish an emirate in this place, in Ben Gardane. It started a few days ago, when an artist who performed for the refugees to make them forget about their suffering for a while, was approached by a group of young bearded men. These men reproached the artist, saying that he should not try to make these people smile with all the suffering in the camps. It could have ended there, if these young men had not said that they had a leader, for whom the title ’emir’ had been chosen.

    In Arabic ’emir’ means commander, but the term has a different meaning in religious context, particularly if taken together with the term ”el Munimin”, the idea of a caliph and a caliphate. The problem in the eyes of many people is not the name of this group however, but its actions, especially in the early stages of the humanitarian emergency caused by the Libyan crisis. The members of the group, Ahl El Ber wal Khayriya -Kafilet Ennasr (”People of justice and charity – The caravan of victory”), have set up a formidable organisation, supplying meals to 600 refugees per day.

    That is a lot, considering that – at least on paper – they are only boys who have decided to set up a (so far unknown) organisation of volunteers. This form of assistance has awoken the interest of hundreds of refugees. Now people in Tunisia fear that this situation, with desperate and disillusioned people, could be a fertile ground for fundamentalism. (ANSAmed).

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