"We should fund Islamic schools for our own good…"

and if we don’t, the ‘radicals’ are coming to terrorize us and murder our children?

By Tory Shepherd from the ‘dumber than dirt’ department:

30 years ago this was unfathomable:  Indo females all wrapped up in Arab rags. This is now obligatory in a country with average temperatures over 30 C and 90 % humidity. The abominable  practice of FGM is also on the increase in this formerly Buddhist-Hindu nation.

Public money should not be spent on promoting religion.

We don’t need religious school chaplains. State schools should be well and truly secular. Religion is a choice, not an educational need. Taxpayers should not foot the bill for others to indulge their beliefs.

Except in Indonesia.

There, Australian money is needed to keep funding Islamic schools.

If we don’t support the teaching of moderate Islam, extreme Islam will quickly fill the vacuum.

Perhaps Tory Shepherd could enlighten us greasy Islamophobic racist bigots on how she intends to separate the ‘moderate Islam’ from the ‘extreme’…. we’ve been looking for such a genius for a long time….

Calls to rein in foreign aid are short-sighted, mean, and downright dangerous.

A heartbeat after Prime Minister Julia Gillard raised the flood levy spectre, the calls to can foreign aid began.  People hauled out self-justifying catch cries such as “charity begins at home’‘, and “we need to look after our own’‘.

The money we spend on education in Indonesia works. It is a valuable program.

The Opposition’s proposal to suspend $440 million in spending on education in Indonesia – money that goes towards improving education at both Islamic and Government-run schools – is populist policy at its most abhorrent.

Indonesia is crucial. And Islam in Indonesia could go either way.

Our most important near neighbour is the world’s most populous Muslim country.

It has a history of trying – but often failing – to embrace pluralism and diversity. Enshrined in its official state philosophy, the Pancasila, is the right to practice different faiths.

But that hasn’t stop tension between Christians and Muslims leading to violence in recent times. Clashes between different faiths have often turned deadly.

And while Indonesians are mostly moderate Muslims, they are increasingly subject to the infiltration of extreme Wahhabi Islam.

There is a sense in Indonesia that the militants are hijacking the agenda. Sharia law is now enforced in Aceh. The extremists are in the political sphere and on the ground – in communities and their schools.

And they gain a foothold through pesantren, Muslim boarding schools.

Pesantren provide education for the poor.

Run and staffed by religious leaders, they are often excellent institutions. For those who would otherwise go without, they offer normal education during the day, supplemented by religious study, prayer and meditation in the morning and at night.

And some offer tutelage in extreme Islam, political Islam, and training in violent jihad.

As wrong as it may seem to spend Australian money to support religious teachings, it’s the outcome here that is important.

Education is the most effective way to quell the rise of radical Islam in our near neighbour.

A secular education for all may be ideal, but it is utterly unrealistic in a country that cannot tolerate the idea of life without religion; a country where religion imbues every day, every action.

So the next best option is to support the teaching of moderate Islam, and to work hard to improve the overall quality of education.

The funds will not be suspended. The whole idea, of course, was just Opposition pie in the sky. But it gave all that insularity bound up in anger at the idea of the levy a concrete focus. So those in support came out and looked selfish.

When, if you want to be smart about it, you need to be more selfish, and support the spend to protect Australians.

13 thoughts on “"We should fund Islamic schools for our own good…"”

  1. Islam is like a dog. There is a tail, a backside, four legs, etc. etc. The extremist part are the teeth, located in the mouth of the dog. And though the rump wont bite you, and neither will the tail, or the ears, or the legs…they all support and provide power to the jaws and teeth of the animal.

    The nonsense …that because the tail, or backside, or fur wont hurt you, then those sections are not dangerous is simply stupidity at its height. They all support the same mouth(the extremists) and welcome any prey that it feeds on. To allow the rest of the body to profit within our midst is to only give power to the very jaws that it possesses.

  2. And they still stink like dogs.

    We have never needed anything Islam at all. Not in our past, not now and never in our future.

    I live for the day when you are all gone from our country.

  3. What an absolute piece of rubbish this is. I have really thought about this and I am tired of Australia paying protection money to Indonesia in the guise of helping with schools, and boarding houses wich they are both brainwashing young people to hate the Western Democratic way of life. Do you really, honestly believe that this is going to keep the Indonesian people from trampling all over us when they want to and their time is right (for them).
    Also, I am one of the CRE Teachers in primary schools. Parents have the right to either have their child learn about Jesus or not. The children who are not in the class are with another teacher doing other activities. Nothing is forced onto these children and I really resent the way you have said there is no place for CRE or Chaplaincy in State funded schools. If that’s the case, why do so many of the parents need to do fund raiser after fundraiser to raise funds for much needed resources in the classroom?
    So would you say it would be in our best interest to allow sharia law, child rape, FGM, into way of life so we can control it our way?
    I do not want sharia law here. I do not want any koran follower here either. They hate our way of life. They hate our Democracy. They flout the laws for marriage and polygamy. They have absolutely no respect for females and don’t try and tell me different. I have never hated people they way I hate these people. And my God tells me I should not hate and to turn the other cheek.

    And yes, we should stop paying protection money….you can call it whatever you want, but that is exactly what it is….We have so much that needs repairing and maintaining especially from all the devastation the wild weather extremes have left us with.
    I am so disgusted that I have read this article on WOJ. My mind boggles.

  4. Christian Nana
    Then contact the journalist responsible and argue your points against her argumens clearly.

  5. Aleikum salaam, brother.

    We can help you.

    Please send us your account details and how much you need. There is a small application fee though…..

  6. I am working really hard to open up an Islamic school. I urge Muslim brothers and sisters to help me with funding, thanks. Please make your donation. God bless you….

  7. Islam does not berutal ….
    get to know Islam very well ….
    I madrasah though ugly, brittle and damaged, but Islam is not poor …..
    because Allah swt promised aid to successor ideals – ideals mulya prophet ……..

  8. sheikyermami….
    I am just a teacher at the school that is outdated, madrasah who stood from 1926 …. acting for the Nation of Islam., which only now is under renovations,,, for it can we ask whether financial assistance from you …?

  9. The worst thing about our largesse to Indonesian schools is that the money was meant to establish secular schools as an alternative to the only option for the poor, Islamic madrassas. Then, after the money was promised the Indonesian government declared ALL Indonesian schools would henceforth teach Islam. And not English language.
    Thanks for the money, infidel fools…

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