Whole Lotta Lootin' Going On While Mubarak Negotiates With the Muslim Brotherhood…

Update: Military Detains 50 Looters at Egyptian Museum

“If the museum is safe, Egypt is safe,” Hawass said.

CAIRO (AP) — Soldiers detained about 50 men trying to break into the Egyptian National Museum in a fresh attempt to loot some of the country’s archaeological treasures, the military said Monday. (Source)

Egyptians Brace for Food, Gas & Money Shortages Amidst Unrest

Must be our fault. Its always our fault:

As anti-government protests rage in cities across Egypt for the sixth day, locals have begun stockpiling food as store shelves go empty.

According to Arabic-language news daily Al-Arabiya, Cairo is already facing shortages of bread and vegetables and food imports have been almost completely suspended. Meanwhile, the future is uncertain for the 70 percent of Egyptians who live on government-subsidized bread.” (Certainty is a rare commodity these days….)

Plan To Replace  Mubarak May Be In The Works

An image grab taken from Egyptian state television shows Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (left) speaking with his new Vice President Omar Suleiman (center) and Chief of Staff Sami Anan during a visit to the military operations center in Cairo on Sunday.

Two of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s closest allies, his new vice president, Omar Suleiman, and his defense minister, Hussein Tantawi, are quietly working on a plan under which Mubarak would step down from power, according to a U.S. scholar who has been staying in regular touch with the Egyptian political and military leadership.

“They want to be sure that Mubarak is going to cooperate,” said Stephen P. Cohen, president of the Institute for Middle East Peace and Development and a longtime confidant of Egyptian and Israeli leaders.

The two-part plan, according to Cohen, would involve the immediate removal of 100 members of the Egyptian Parliament whose election this past fall was seen as illegitimate. They would be replaced by 100 candidates who were barred from running in the election or who were defeated because of government meddling in the election process. (That means the Muslim Brotherhood)

A second possible step would be the organization of new parliamentary and presidential elections. The plan, according to Cohen, “requires [Mubarak] to give up his office.” Asked whether Mubarak would do that, Cohen answered, “He is getting ready to do so.” (Source)