Why Immigration Doesn't Help World Poverty

Must Watch!

Thanks to Moonbattery: View Roy Beck’s celebrated gumballs presentation of U.S. Census population growth projections below.

We already know that Third World immigration does nothing but harm to Australia, Europe and the United States, by importing poverty, illiteracy, government dependency, crime, disease, pernicious ideologies, ethnic balkanization, and worst of all, Democrat voters. But does it at least help the Third World? Not in any significant way:

There is only one way to help the poor where they live, and it isn’t by looting us until we’re poor too. Who helped the USA become wealthy? Nobody, and nobody could have. Our economic freedom and our work ethic created our wealth, not handouts.

Spreading the wealth around Obama style only spreads poverty around. Spreading countermoonbattery around is poverty’s only cure.


2 thoughts on “Why Immigration Doesn't Help World Poverty”

  1. The West has given the world many gifts.
    And in much of the world, these are valued.
    Only in Islam are they thrown back into our faces by ungrateful hands.
    And we are foolish enough to import the people and culture that trashes us most!

  2. The only way to help the 3rd world is to force them to help themselves by forcing reproductive responsibility on them. If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them. Otherwise they’ll just breed indiscriminately and expect “rich” countries (you & me) to pick up the tab and allow them to come to our countries and squander our resources. There, I’ve said what most won’t say. It’s time everyone took reproductive responsibility. It’s not our problem, nor should it be….and I include the whole of South America in the equation.

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