A Lady of Distinction: Meet Vickie Janson, from Australia's Q Society

Naturally, the far left  drones from 9MSM have their knickers in a twist over this one.  Watch, literally how the saliva drips from the vid as they lick their  agenda driven chops: “the next Pauline Hanson: hard line anti-Islamist lets fly at the Muslim religion,” – and of course, for the far left loons, its all about ‘race’. NSW total recall  PM Christina Keneally  shrieks ‘racist’ (Islam is not a race, oh how they wish it was, because they can never win the argument in an open debate!) and the ‘most radical group in the country is the Q-Society”.

The swine from the media are not only guilty of dereliction of duty, they are also complicit in the Islamization of the country.  As the table is turning, we will ensure that none of them is ever again gainfully employed to misinform. Enough is enough!

Here is the Homepage of Q Society: if you haven’t registered yet, do it now.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes we are able to present the vid not only to our readers, but to the world wide youtube community.

The easiest way to get in touch with Q is to send an email to inbox@qsocaus.org
You should hear back within one working day. Alternatively letters can be addressed to:

Q Society of Australia Inc.
PO Box 1228
Altona Gate, Victoria, 3025

Facsimile +61280081529
Telephone +61280061525

We urge you to go to the Australian Islamist Monitor for extensive cover on this important news:

Who is ignorant?

ACA’s Martin King recently interviewed Vickie Janson, from the Q Society, about her objection to the Islamisation of Australia. Amongst other things, she pointed to the lack of human rights, equality and freedom in Islam. King also interviewed Nazeem Hussein, from the Islamic Council of Victoria, to get his perspective. Nazeem claimed that Vickie was very ignorant and was fear mongering. When King asked about Vickie’s concerns about the Islamisation of Australia, he replied that he didn’t know what she meant by it, but would like to meet with and have a chat about her views, “because she really is very uninformed”. (reference)

11 thoughts on “A Lady of Distinction: Meet Vickie Janson, from Australia's Q Society”

  1. ……. and she is a really lovely, warm and friendly person. I met her a few weeks ago

  2. Cydonia The Glass Studio is Designing special Awards for the Q society.
    To be given out to the Australians that have made a difference.
    Good on you people of Q.

  3. It amazes me, as a person who was involved in the genesis of QSoc, how the Society is already labeled so vilely and is attacked so vehemently. To earn accolades such as ‘most radical group in the country is the Q-Society’….. and we have not even had our public launch! Imagine how they’ll hate us when we actually go public!
    And here I was thinking incipient old age was the biggest of my concerns!
    To put ‘the most radical group’ appellation into perspective, consider this: the entire public output of QSoc, to date, has been to deliver a petition opposing the Marrickville Council BDS and a petition to Council regarding the inappropriate use of the Alma Rd Community House in St. Kilda East.
    This led to Martin King and ACA. You can only hope they’ve bothered to persevere and actually read some of QSoc’s information and position statements. Lord knows, they might even find that QSoc is informed, erudite, current and relevant – something ACA aspires to but seldom achieves unless they are featuring another dodgy plumber.

    I am pretty sure that some of the elitist media, who woefully failed over a very long time to gauge public sentiment on the issues raised by islam, who have so badly missed the anti-islamism boat and who have found themselves redundant and excluded from the ongoing ‘debate’ because of their poor journalistic skills and ideological adherence, have decided they will not be euchred this time – strike before the iron has even been forged!
    Personally, I am disappointed. I had hoped to get a public gong as an ‘islamophobe’. Hey, we all have our aspirations.

    Vicki Janson is a gracious, grace-filled, savvy and incisive person who has a deep understanding of islam. The corporate media would do well to deal with her solely on those terms and leave jingoism and dog-whistling to the experts at the ABC.

  4. Funny thing to throw at Vickie – that she is ignorant.

    Maybe Nazeem felt that he had overused the word “racist”, as it is an integral part of his ‘comedy act’ (and I use that term loosely).

    Funny also how the men praying at the Alma Road Neighbourhood House were laughing like hyenas during the interview.

    Does this mean that Islam is lots of fun and laughs?
    Or are they laughing at the dhimmi Jews (Sandy Joffe, take a bow) and Christians who are falling over themselves to accommodate this group of devout Muslims who only want to pray and definitely did not target this area for any nefarious purpose?

  5. Vickie’s a good woman. I hope that she and the Q Society will make a real positive impact in Australia. That Nazeem bloke is a typical Muslim creep. Just look at his expression when he is asked for his opinions about the “Islamisation of Australia”. He knows exactly what it refers to, and he’s overjoyed to see it happening, but he wouldn’t want to announce it in public to non-Muslims of course.

  6. Vicky CLEARLY sees the BIG picture & their BOTTOM LINE /AGENDA , AS PER islamic FACT = HISTORY [CURRENT , MODERN & ANCHIENT ] **PARTICULARLY THEIR CURRENT .. JIHAD PUSH **[worldwide] **BY methodical CREEPING ISLAMIZATION = their KORANIC DUTY= VILE… ANTI WOMEN ACTS & USING mass breeding , while pushing ANTI … WESTERN DEMOCRACY & ANTI FREEDOM of speech ETC .ETC. as per THEIR VIOLENT/VILE SHARIA LAW DUTY / JIHARD … TO TAKE OVER by their ‘ al takeyya ‘ lies .. ALL NON – MUSLIM people /COUNTRIES … Sadly , ANYONE , UN- AWARE for whatever reason/s , SIMPLY IS ” TOTALLY FOOLISH ” TO SAY IT KINDLY or mis- informed.. these people threaten & MURDER their own if they dare to question or disagree.. They LOVE THE FREEDOM of Western Democracy[& THE FREE HANDOUTS… & STILL THEY WANT TO DRAG OUR FREEDOM BACK to their medi evil dark ages/& KILL US ALL , yes ALL US..NON- MUSLIMS …*** SO WAKE UP ” MULTICULTURAL TRAITORS “or enjoy a short spell on “DEATH ROW “.


  8. Good on you Vicky. We really need people like you who aren’t afraid to speak the truth, and you do it so graciously. Why do the media choose to turn a blind eye to this issue? I hope public opinion changes before its too late. This is not one of those issues where we want to be saying ‘I told you so’.

  9. “Ignorant”?
    I think her views seemed very well informed and this Nazeem’s points held no weight whatsoever.

    I will be educating myself more on these concerns and will inform all those close to me.

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