Al Age: "Overseas Events" Cause Distrust of Muslims, Islam

Really?  Like Bali 1 & 2?

Like the Jakarta embassy bombings and so many other jihadist attacks?

How about local Muslim crime and hostility towards us?   – Not important I guess. The rape of infidel women, the bizarre behavior of Australia’s politicians and the enemedia in the wake of the ‘Cronulla riots’ (which were used to turn every Australian into a ‘racist’ ) and then  the ongoing media spin and the cover ups we witness daily. Nah, its none of that.  Look away, kafir:

if it wasn’t for all the racist bigot Islamophobes we could all get along and sing kumbaya all day. Stop spoiling our multicultural daydream!

Muslim concerns include problems for women who wear the hijab, getting permission to build mosques and Islamic schools, and the following of certain Islamic laws, for example, relating to food or funerals.(source)

Obviously  Ibrahim Saddique, a serious Aussie headbanger, a fanatical  ‘revert’ to Islam shouldn’t concern us either:

Al Age is trying very hard “to solve the problem” by implying that it’s all about Australian “phobia” and intolerance.

he winning formula:

– Never say Islam but put stress on Muslims

– Always mention Muslims in the context of homosexuals and other minority religions

– Do not forget to mention somewhere in your article that: “all they want is a little prayer room”.

Muslims ‘widely distrusted’

Al Age thanks to the Islamist Monitor

DISTRUST of Muslims and hostility towards homosexuals and pagans remain widespread in Australia, according to a new Australian Human Rights Commission report to be released today.

The report, the biggest snapshot of Australian attitudes about religion in more than a decade, also suggests rising political involvement by religious groups, tension between religious and secularist groups and great wariness about rights legislation.

The report, Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21st Century Australia, reveals a vastly more complex religious landscape than 1998, when the last similar survey was done.
The research involved community consultations with 274 religious and secularist groups, and with governments, human rights groups and ethnic and city councils, plus more than 2000 public submissions.

The report suggests that a far wider religious diversity and the emergence of significant religious communities (Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh among others) means a very different context for issues of religious freedom and belief.

It says there is a current of anti-Muslim discourse that suggests an entrenched hostility often related to overseas events. Meanwhile, genuine religious differences have not become any easier to manage. Pagans (nature-based religions, such as Wicca) in particular claim to face prejudice and discrimination.

Muslim concerns include problems for women who wear the hijab, getting permission to build mosques and Islamic schools, and the following of certain Islamic laws, for example, relating to food or funerals.

Australian Multicultural Foundation director and co-author Hass Dellal said yesterday the report’s role was to record the varying views so that every group could hear its own voice represented. It did not make recommendations but would be a resource for governments and faith communities.

“Faith in general, and specific faiths, are often misunderstood or feel misrepresented, and this report highlights the importance of faith to many Australians and the central role faith plays in Australian society,” Dr Dellal said.

According to co-author Gary Bouma, the report highlights how diverse and difficult the issues facing Australia are, but also that there is hope they will be solved.

“Over the past 15 years – so it’s not a result of September 11 – religious voices have re-entered the political domain vigorously,” Professor Bouma said. “It’s the resurgence of religion around the world.”

The report says the secularist voice – atheists, humanists, rationalists – is emerging strongly, concerned to oppose religious influence on political parties. In turn, many religious groups are worried about attempts to exclude them from the public square. But secularists and most Christian groups were suspicious of any legislation, such as vilification laws, that they thought might erode free speech.

It says religious leaders in Australia are generally doing a good job and understand the complexities of a multicultural society, but the increasing number of clergy from overseas mean cultural orientation training is needed. Few groups were satisfied with media coverage of religion. Secularists claimed the media gave religion a soft ride, while Christians claimed “the media vilified Christianity with impunity”.

More on the guidebook producing Hass Delal here:

Who came up with this “guidebook?” look no further than  Hass Dellal OAM, an ”Australian of Turkish descent” He is also the “executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation”. At Monash you can find other illustrious characters like Waleed Aly. Waleed is currently a lecturer at the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University.

6 thoughts on “Al Age: "Overseas Events" Cause Distrust of Muslims, Islam”

  1. So many countries who have adopted multiculturalism as a national policy, are finding that it is creating huge problems and eroding the nation’s identity. Why on earth do Australian politicians think we are going to be any different. How absolutely arrogant!

    What are they saying about countries like America, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, France. All of these countries treated their migrants well under multiculturalism, as does Australia.

    We are all having the same problem. The problems these countries are facing are going to come to Australia as well.

  2. The problems are already here but they keep it hush hush.
    Our political leaders are hell bent on destroying OUR SUPERIOR WESTERN CULTURE.
    Our political leaders are guilty of a kind of “treason”. The deliberate destruction of our culture is a form of “genocide”.

  3. Willing converts have one thing in common. A personality disorder, usually a very serious one.

  4. Overseas events, certainly. Homegrown, most definitely, you only have to mention, Sheik Hilaly and his pardner Keysar, Benbrika and all the guys who followed him. The Hatemongers of Haldon St “prayer rooms” and the list goes on. They have all done great job in selling the Jihad Sharia trash franchise. It is just like Christianity being represented by the Klu Klux Klan, would we allow it, no way. But Muslims are not allowed to speak ill of other Muslims so through their own restrictions they are collectively in the negative spotlight. See below for an overseas story.

  5. Well I cant say much about homosexuals and pagans being a worry in my experience, I but I can guarantee you cant trust a moslem, they will look you in the eye and lie their head off without a blink.

    Commercial contracts with them are worthless.

    When you work in other countries around the world you quickly learn to look for non moslem contractors and workers if at all possible or brace yourself.

  6. “But the chick’s OK, isn’t she?”

    That was a question put to me by a friend of mine, but I regard her as being just as dangerous because she lulls people into a false sense of security by skillful use of taqiyya.

    At least Saddique & Choudary say they want to destroy us. I believe them when they say this. If push came to shove, this girl would turn on us too, no doubt…

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