Australian Journo Compares Multiculti Critics to Nazis…

Dumb. Just dumb.

Australian Journalist Compares Multiculturalism Critics to Nazis…

Ironically,  Hitler was a great admirer of Islam and called  Yasser Arafat’s uncle, the Mufti Haj al-Amin al-Husseini his good friend. (‘Our friend the Mufti’- may both of their names be obliterated)  The bond between Nazis and Islam

ABC presenter Peter Goers believes that anyone with a criticism of multiculturalism – whether it’s the Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, the British Prime Minister, the French President, the German Chancellor, a BBC Hindi presenter or a leading philosopher – is much like a Nazi.

Yes, every one of them a proto-Himmler, because that saves Goers from having to actually engage with a single argument:.

Ironically, we may be better off as a Muslim nation. Christianity has never been less popular and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It’s a religion of peace, love, family values and respect, and the only faith to give women equality in its holy book.

How cute. So clearly from a Leftist whose concern is more with the seeming than the reality. Islam he praises as “the only faith to give women equality in its holy book”, knowing that even he couldn’t with a straight face claim that it’s a faith that has in practice delivered the equality he claims to discern in the Koran.

In fact, I’m tempted to believe that not only is Goers abusive, lazy, silly and bigoted, he may even be rather dishonest intellectually. In my  humble opinion.  (Andrew Bolt)

The Fraud of Multiculturalism

Are they as worried by the more numerous Buddhists?

It’s interesting that ABC TV’s Q & A feels the need to feature regularly a Muslim on its panel rather than one of the more numerous Bhuddists. This week it was Samah Hadid. Waleed Aly is a regular, and we’ve recently had Tariq Ali, Randa Abdel Fattah, and the odd Australian convert. The Muslim guests are invariably strongly pro-Australian – Samah Hadid represents Australia’s young as our Youth Representative to the UN, although her background and religion must make her far from a typical young Australian. Questions touching on the views of the Muslim guests to the violence perpetrated around the world by members of their religion seem to be carefully avoided. Is the regular appearance of Muslims on Q & A a result of the ABC’s mindset, an attempt at social engineering, or are they ‘political appointments’ by the government broadcaster?   (worried by Bolt?)

  • This survey indicates that most of Australians show much greater awareness of the Islam vs. Muslims issue than your average “progressive” journo can ever have. There is no NO confusion Mr Farr

The all new, multicultural Australia enforces segregation

Multiculturalists enforce segregation











The Dance Sister Dance at Brunswick Town Hall has won a VCAT exemption from equal opportunity laws.
The Moreland City Council dance is designed for cultural groups whose women would not take part if it involved men

We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women

Rapid breeding – a sign of Muslim immigration success

They are buying houses, often using Islamic credit, and they are having big families. And all of this explains why shopping centres and neighbourhoods are being rapidly rebuilt as this ethnic baby boomdrives growth. (Source)

Get organized against creeping Islamization

Islam Monitor

Q Society has started to gain national media recognition for its stance and actions agaist Islamisation of Australia.

Today, we are pleased to have Spokesperson Vicki Janson answer a series of questions about the Society –

AIM: Who is Q Society?

Vickie Janson: We are a group of individuals from varying backgrounds, of different cultural and religious persuasions, (or none at all) who are committed to safeguard and promote Australia’s free, open and democratic society. Because of this, we are opposed to the Islamisation of Australia.

AIM: How do you see Australia under threat?

Vickie Janson: Western democracies are built upon two core beliefs; freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Freedom from oppression is a feature of western democracies. Just glance around the globe and we can see this is self-evident. The idea that all ideologies are equally beneficial is a dangerous myth. When we import and tolerate ideologies that at their core oppose these basic freedoms, demand respect for them as a ‘human right’ and seek to criminalize opposing views, (in the form of vilification/blasphemy laws) we are moving from an open and free society to a closed and oppressive one.

We understand that we can welcome peoples from communist countries without welcoming, accommodating or legitimizing communism itself, and I believe we have to take the same approach with Islamic sharia in Australia; Because Islamic sharia literally turns our worldview upside down.

AIM: But don’t Muslims have the right to observe their religious laws – sharia law – how does this effect other Australians?

Vickie Janson: Do people have the right to discriminate? Sharia law is a foreign and discriminatory system of law, which is being imposed upon Australians. For example, halal food and other products are sharia compliant products. Ie they are complying with Islamic law rather than our world-class Australian industry standards. Halal meat must be slaughtered by a Muslim slaughter man, and with 85% of Australian lamb, over 50% Australian beef and almost 100% of Australian chicken being halal, these industries must positively discriminate in favor of Muslim only slaughter men. All Islamic organizations must pay what is known as ‘zakat’ – which is money to charity. However once again this is discriminatory as Muslim only charities and causes may be supported. And legitimate uses of ‘zakat’ may include supporting ‘dawah’ – Islamic missionary activities and ‘jihad’ – Islamic fighting in the cause of imposing Islamic standards. Ethically, many may have a problem with this. As many of the slaughter houses are 100% halal and

much of the meat is not labeled as such, Australians freedom of choice in supporting these causes has been removed.

Sharia law is a foreign law and it seems quite seditious and irresponsible that our government should consider investing in and promoting it in the form of sharia finance. (Especially as this was designed by the Muslim Brotherhood as a financial jihad to undermine western economies and markets!) In doing so, they are redefining what is ethical and unethical according to Islamic, rather than Australian standards. Pork and alcohol are listed as ‘unethical’ investments and forbidden, effectively boycotting legitimate Australian industries and yet ‘zakat’ payments may be made to Islamic missions and jihad! There is no Australian advisory board monitoring where this money is invested, rather the regulatory board is the AAOIFI and located in Bahrain. The chair of this board is Mufti Taqi Usmani, who has ties to the Taliban and endorses violence against non-Muslims. Yet Australia is still marketing this as ‘ethical!’ Our government should be held to account.

These patterns of imposing Islamic sharia have extended to Australia’s education system, which will only present positive images of Islam. Freedom of thought and speech in critiquing Islam is not included in the curriculum studies but rather ‘sensitivity’ is sought. Therefore, academic integrity has been sacrificed and education replaced with indoctrination.

AIM: But don’t all religions have some universal laws we can agree on?

Vickie Janson: This is another myth. Sharia law denies basic human rights to citizens and already we see evidence of sharia standards of polygamy, child marriage and FGM that is indicative of Islamic societies in other nations occurring in Australia. The Quran allows a man to beat his wife so we need to protect our Muslim citizens from this violation, rather than tacitly sanctioning it by applying different standards to our response to domestic violence in Muslim homes to other homes. Community pressure can be overwhelming and the government has a responsibility to facilitate freedom, not sanction continuing bondage. Equality before the law is not a sharia standard so these basics most Australians would consider ‘universal laws’ are not universal at all.

AIM: What do you see as the outcome of this?

Vickie Janson: We only have to look at Europe and the UK who we should be learning from. All these steps are creating a parallel society and accommodating the Islamic doctrine of segregation rather then encouraging the integration we really need to be socially cohesive. Muslim only prayer rooms, toilets, swimming sessions, different school uniforms and rules, separate food and finance, an alternative history presented and so forth, only endorse differences rather than unite us. We should have one law for all Australians.

The Islamic Council of Europe produced a book in 1980 instructing the Islamic community how to ‘resist assimilation’ and impose Islam, ie sharia standards, and this campaign has been very successful. Today there are 85 tribunals that act as sharia courts in the UK that discriminate against women and children. We need to avoid this same mistake.

AIM: Are you a racist?

Vickie Janson: Well firstly, Muslims are not a race, so no. I have a number of close Muslim friends and more than one that supports my stand against sharia in Australia. Would I be a racist for opposing communism? Islam is a totalitarian ideology and all we are saying is that the legal arm of Islam, sharia, must be severed if we are to really integrate with Muslims as we have with other groups.

AIM: Are you a Christian?

Vickie Janson: Yes and I’ve written a book about my experiences with Muslims in Australia and outline the theological differences. One of the reasons westerners think the problem ’can’t be Islam’ is because we are not a very religious people and so underestimate the power of religion in Islamic society. But whereas values produce law in western democracies, law produces values in Islam. It’s all upside down. Child marriage is moral and an Islamic value because it’s lawful. We do not have the same values. Notions of freedom are just as central to the Christian faith as they are to democracy itself. Indeed, the great western legislators have often come from a Judeo-Christian worldview and there is nothing incompatible about Christianity and democracy. The same cannot be said of Islam. As there is no separation of religion and state in Islam, the rise or revival of Islam we are seeing around the world is effectively the rise of the Islamic state. Supporting sharia standards is merely upholding the framework for this as a future reality. Presenting all Muslims corporately, as in the curriculum project ‘Learning From One Another; bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools’, is supporting this notion of one unified trans-national body of Muslims. This is the very thing radical groups are calling for. It is true to say that Islam is an enemy to the Christian gospel, but it is also true to say the Islamic State is an enemy to the state.

AIM: If you believe in freedom of religion, why did the Q Society raise a petition against the Muslim group praying at the Alma Rd Community House?

Vickie Janson: For a number of reasons. One is, because they are doing so illegally. This is really a council problem and they should not have granted this group permission to use the facility as a place of worship when it doesn’t have a permit or the facilities for this. There are no suitable amenities for the ritual ablutions and therefore we have the scenario where 30-50 men are putting their feet in a hand basin, which clearly has OHS considerations. Children and other groups use this hand basin on other occasions and no doubt the water wastage and spillage is also a factor. The facility does not have adequate parking and local residents have complained about the 40-50 taxis that are parked out the front. But there is also the duty of care aspect. This prayer meeting is listed on the website of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah under ‘Mosques and Islamic Centers’. ASWJ is a group monitored by ASIO who openly advocate sharia practices such as polygamy and cutting off hands for theft. Siddiq-Conlon who recently called for Australia to become an Islamic state was a student of ASWJ.

At the end of the day, this is a community house designed for small groups to use concurrently, and not a surrogate mosque for men only at the expense of others in the community. It’s simply the wrong building for this usage.

AIM: So who is Vickie Janson?

Vickie Janson: I’m a concerned citizen who got involved in the Muslim community over ten years ago through a friendship. I really believe in integration and to this day have active friendships with Muslims who are integrating and not advocating for parallel societies. I authored the book ‘Ideological Jihad’ in response to Waleed Aly’s book ‘People Like Us; How arrogance is dividing Islam and the West’. I believe it’s a little more than arrogance or ignorance; there is real ideological ground between us. I believe the cry of Islamophobia is generally misplaced. A phobia is an unrealistic fear whereas there are legitimate concerns about the imposition of Islam in western societies and I believe we need to Get Real about it. I stood in the last federal and state elections for the Christian Democratic Party on this platform because Islam is both religious and political, and I believe requires both a religious and political response.

AIM: If you stood for a Christian party how can the Q Society say you support the separation of church and state?

Vickie Janson: We do not support the institution of the church having parliamentary power, this would be totalitarian, but support individual Christians bringing their influence to the parliamentary table. Influence is quite different to control and in a democracy all people may have an influence. Biblically, there was separation of state and temple powers in the days of Moses with Aaron officiating in the temple and Moses addressing matters of state. Of course there is overlap but the church cannot mandate things that only the state can and vice versa. We support this. If a Christian Party were to actually win government, this would still be a separate power to the institutionalized church and would uphold the Constitution of Australia. It’s about safeguarding freedoms and not imposing religion.

Thank you so much for your time and for making your positions clear to us all. May we wish you every success, as we all have the same goal, halting the Islamisation of Australia.

8 thoughts on “Australian Journo Compares Multiculti Critics to Nazis…”

  1. Of all the wonderful cartoons you’ve featured on this great website,I find “THE OTHER ISLAMIC BOMB” one the most pithy.Islam isn’t really a problem if it stays in Islamic countries(We could take them all out pretty easily given the will).The problem arises with the Islamists in our midst who see procreation as a competition- and perhaps they are right.
    In effect,there will be no war.We will simply be replaced.

  2. I believe that there are many muslim women who are happy and have nice marriages etc.,. But what concerns me is that their happiness depends upon the mindset of their husband and other male relatives.

    Basically muslim women have healthy, emotionally stable male relatives then their quality of life would be good.

    My concern is that muslim women who have abusive, emotionally immature and nutjob male relatives probably live in somekind of hell. Getting away from a dysfunctional family is hard enough in mainstream society, but what about a society whose family honour depends upon the behaviour of its female relatives.

    The male journalist who thinks that Islam treats women well and that Australia may be better off ‘ironically’ as muslim country has no idea what it is like for a women to be trapped in a dysfunctional family situation. Our current system allows all women to distance themselves from a toxic family, my observations of Islam is that women are trapped.

  3. To Darrin – Goers is an announcer on 891 Adelaide (ABC), and also an opinion writer / columnist with the Sunday Mail.

    Meanwhile, “ignorance” is a key hurdle to acceptance of islam in Oz, according to the multi-faith “just like us” president of the Sunshine moske:

    Islamic faith: ‘We are just like you’

    [IGNORANCE is a key hurdle to the acceptance of the Islamic faith in Australia, according to a key community leader.

    Sunshine Mosque president Mustapha Ramadan says there are many negative stereotypes about the Muslim community, but people are often surprised when they learn more about the faith. “When people think of Islam they may think about terrorist bombing and fanatics, but there are fanatics in all societies,” he said. ]

    * I tend to think about allah’s hatred of “infidels” such as me.

  4. The journalist Mr. Goers, is exercising what we all fought for “Free Speech and Religious Freedom” and the right to an Education. We have only enjoyed these freedom for the last 150 years or so. They wer hard fought for, but we wond them.

    No doubt this Mr. Goers had the privlidge of a Free education and a course in Jountalism at one of our Universities.

    Just because one has an education, does not come with a guarantee of gaining knowledge and common sense. I hope your enlightened colleagues kick you our of your once noble profession before you fester any more weeping sores on your own people – the taxpayers who pay for your rights and freedom. Grow up little boy. Spend a few years in the presence of muslims as I have, you will come away with a new set of values reborn – Christian way of life is not that bad.

    You are a dog Mr. Goers. Putting it mildly.

  5. Someone should do a back ground check on Goers and find out his origins, then ship this asshole back to the land of his ancestry so that he can air his stupid, irresponsible views.
    I do not have a problem with islam as long as these dim witted assholes stay in their own countries. Islam must never be allowed to expand here and halal meat must be stopped immediately.
    I wrote to Tony Abbot and to a few other politicians and asked them why our rights are being trampled on to placate and please just 2% of our population. My letter was regards halal meat . To those who do not know, halal is an acronym of allah, which is just another name for the devil. I am still waiting for a reply from the Politicians. I cannot call Goers a dog, because if I did, I would have to get on my knees and apologize to every dog I come across.

  6. Write to his newspaper and have him removed – I will be and I hope all concerned readers do likewise. We do not need scum like Goers in our media.

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