Chuck Laramie, History Teacher: "Christian Radicalism v Islam"

Asshole of the month:

There are some dangerous lunatics out there. Some of them poison the minds of our children: Chuck Laramie is taking Moonbattery to a higher level…..


Obama “deeply concerned” when Jews build apartments – murder of Jewish families….. not

Muslims Murder Children, Palestinians Celebrate, HuffPo Moonbats Take Their Side

The New Civility:

New Death Threats Against Republicans Uncovered Daily

Where would we be without the UNIONS?

Union Rules

Never let a good crisis go to waste:

The Left,  as ever,  seems more interested in scoring political points and using a crisis to serve their agenda than actually helping people. The crisis in Japan continues to unfold but already there have been declarations that we are witnessing “the end of the nuclear era” because of problems… Read more…

All far left, all the time:

One thought on “Chuck Laramie, History Teacher: "Christian Radicalism v Islam"”

  1. I have tremendous contempt for people who compare Islam with Christianity. There are no comparisons, there are only contrasts.
    The crimes of Christians do not explain or excuse the greater crimes of Islam.
    Compared to Islam, Christianity has been a much safer, more peaceful faith, and history proves it.
    Islam is conquest, rape, mass murder, cultural genocide and trash.

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