Denmark, Netherlands, Honor Killings & Somali Pirates

New immigration minister displays signs of anti-dhimmitude: become like us or stay away

Either foreigners make an effort to become Danish or they can just stay away from Denmark, according to Søren Pind, the new immigration minister.

Honor Murder Taught

Netherlands: Turks want elementary school students to learn about honor murder

“With knowledge comes understanding”- CNN slogan.

“European Solutions” cause Islamic invasion:

Pirates offer discounts:

They’re overstocked! They’re slashing prices! They won’t be undersold! Sound like a local mattress sale commercial? Nope, it’s actually a Somali pirate gang talking about the great deals they’re offering on ransoms.  (Source)

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  1. One of the Danish hostages is an ex-antifascist

    Together with the Danish family, there were two crew members taken hostage. One of them is Rane Lund Hjorhöy, an ex-antifascist, convicted for violence, as taking part of Antifascistisk Aktion at EU-top meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2001. In court, several of the convicted presented themselves as “journalists”, as did Hjorhöy, a “radio journalist”.

    He is still missing.

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