Happy Hour Jihad

Two for One

Top Shot: British Sniper Takes Out Two Taliban With Single Bullet

From a distance of 196 meters away, British sniper “Mark Osmond” picked off the two insurgents as they tried to flee on a motorcycle.  ‘With the bullet travelling at three times the speed of sound, a victim was unlikely to hear anything before he died.”  (The Blaze has more)

Religion of Peace

Eye on the world:

Pictures of captured weapons shipped from Iran to Hamas

Gates of Vienna

Europe and the EU

» Forced Marriages ‘At Record High’ — South Wales Police
» Gang War in Copenhagen Claims New Victim
» Government Greenlights Law Reform — Berlusconi Looks Forward to Hearings
» Hege Storhaug: Europe Must Stand Up to Islamism
» Netherlands: PvdA Wants ‘Quaility Label’ For TV Programmes
» Nuclear Disaster ‘Will Have Political Impact as Great as 9/11’
» Spain: 80% Europeans Have No Confidence in Political Leaders
» UK: A Shocking Snapshot of Britain: The Small Town Where More Than 50 Families Rely on Free Food Handouts So They Don’t Starve
» UK: Europe and the Case for a Referendum

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  1. TOP shot.. Hope he can replicate that shot over and over and over again.

    Well done squaddy keep up the good work come home safely at the end of it 🙂

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