Helen Meets Hefner…. (and other weird encounters…)

Virus Bugs Bunnies @ Hugh Hefner’s Gothic mansion:

200 have fallen sick after a mystery virus swept attendees of an internet conference in Los Angeles hosted by Playboy, according to health authorities. Did Helen cause it?

Pic’s thanks to Barenaked

Helen Thomas: ‘Israelis Want to Take Palestinian Homes and Land and Water and Kill Their Children’

Helen is not alone in her delirious state:  this weird news comes from Germany:  ‘47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians’ - Meanwhile, the Pal’s are doing their best to exterminate Jews:  50 Rockets Launched into Israel from Gaza – 8 Injured… then there are the children: Egyptian Childrens TV: We Must Liberate Jerusalem from the ‘Disgusting Jews’…

She doesn’t  really hate Jews, you see: its only them ‘Zionists’ she wants gone…..

If you thought Helen Thomas telling Jews to get the hell out of Palestine was anti-Semitic, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The disgraced former White House correspondent is Playboy magazine’s interviewee in April, and some of the hate-filled nonsense she spewed to her Jewish interviewer should shame those responsible for ever putting this woman in such a powerful press position: Read More

Israeli PM Slams European ‘Fusion’ of Radical Islam, Far Left


“This is the strangest union you could possibly contemplate.”  Read More »

Helen’s centerfold is below the fold! (Have mercy!)